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Kwentong Dagat Beach Resort: A "Showcase Resort" Liw-liwa Zambales Could be Proud Of

When we were here three ( 3 ) years ago, there were only a handful of accommodations to choose from. Now, Sitio Liw-liwa in San Filipe Zambales has become one of those hot spots nearby Metropolitan Manila for a quick escape. Along with the flood of tourists comes various accommodations -- beach resorts, hostels, cottages etc. One of these is Kwentong Dagat Beach Resort is a standout in Liwliwa thanks to its Bali-inspired nipa hut cottages.

About Kwentong Dagat Beach Resort
Sitio Liw-liwa San Felipe, Zambales
Call: 0917 317 6295

Kwentong Dagat is an enchanting space where ocean and nature lovers alike can relax and restore their mind, body and soul. It just a few steps away from the sea, Kwentong Dagat activates ones senses by the towering trees and the sound of the waves crashing along the beach .

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A "Showcase" Resort 
The resort just opened in March 2019. That said, they only have a few accommodations on offer -- 4 nipa hut cottages to be exact, each with a max capacity of 6 pax at approximately Php4,000 per night. I heard you can get a room at a lower price if you are only 2 pax. Under construction are rooms for two ( 2) pax. That said, I think this is the best time to go as the place is really serene at this point. You can also have the option to camp instead at Php 250 per pax. The resort is big and there is a lot of open ground to set up tents. If you don't carry tents with you, they have some for rent as well.

I call it a showcase resort because it is a standout in Liw-liwa. The idea of a hut accommodation in a beachfront dotted with pine trees is a perfect combination. Liw-liwa beach is easily recognizable on social media thanks to the popularity of Kwentong Dagat on Facebook and Instagram.
Bali-inspired Nipa Hut Cottages
This is the key feature of this resort. I hope they make more of them as there are currently only four (4). I think it would make a stronger statement if they have at least six or so. The room has a maximum capacity of 6 pax. Two double beds at the ground level and another that could fit two persons at the small attic. A small fan is installed to circulate the airconditioning at the attic. Airconditioning is quite strong but thick blankets are provided to keep you warm throughout your stay. The wooden staircase to the attic is movable .

Quite a squeeze if you are six but enough to provide you a restful night sleep, after all, I am sure that you will be spending most of your day by the beach or at the open spaces in the resort. I hope they could provide a mirror in the room, even a small one. It helps a lot. Also, a small corner table next to the plugs would be very helpful. I remember placing my gadgets on the floor next to the stairs while charging. Quite inconvenient and not safe for the gadgets.

Also, please take note that the huts have no toilets. One has to go to the common restroom to clean up or shower. I am nok with that. I helps keep the huts clean and smelling good.
The First Vegan friendly Resort in Zambales
Kwentong Dagat is a vegan resort but non-vegans are welcome as well. In my Instagram post, I mentioned that I am a meat lover but with vegan food as good as their offer, I am willing to convert. We tried adobong talong and lumpiang shanghai for lunch and it was so nice. And affordable too! At Php 200.00 one can have two (2) viands with one (1) cup of rice. for dinner, we had pasta and sizzling mushroom. Yum yum! Both meals we had on picnic-style low table setup. I highly recommend that you give their vegan food a try. It will make you change your mind about vegan food. Just make sure you order a few hours in advance as not all the staff can prepare vegan dishes.

There is also an option to cook. Meaning, you can buy supplies at the municipal public market and have your food prepared at your liking. There is a cooking charge of Php 300.00 pesos which is already very reasonable if you are a group of six (6) pax or more. Condiments and all cooking utensils are available. Their open kitchen is in an open area near the common restroom.

For smokers, there is a designated smoking area near the open kitchen.
adobong talong and lumpiang shanghai for lunch

pasta and sizzling mushroom for dinner

Epic Sunsets
Liw-liwa beach is home to some of the best sunsets I have ever experienced in 10 years of traveling. The beach faces the South China sea and for three consecutive afternoons, we were greeted by epic hues and cloud patters. Two of these sunsets we witnessed at the beachfront of Kwentong Dagat Beach Resort.
Romantic Nights
Just when I thought daytime at Kwentong Dagat already offers unbeatable view, the night mood offers something on a different level. We were by the beach for sunset until it got really dark. When we went back to the resort, I was completely mesmerized by the lights of the resort. The place is well lighted enough to highlight key areas in the resort. The areas in between the huts, the trees and common areas are nicely lit. The resort is one hell of a romantic space at night!

Do request for the lawn table setup and you are in for a wonderful night.

Other Things You Might Want to Know

- Bring your own towers, otherwise, rent is 100 php per piece.

- Additional blanket also 100 php per piecce.
- Extra electric fan - 100 php each
- Beach toys available for rent - 50 php per peice.
- If you are not in-house guests, 
  you can still enter the resort for photo opts at 250 php entrance fee per pax.
- Refreshments and alcoholic beverages available at the reception area. 
- Local beers are at 55 php per bottle and impoted beer at 100 php per bottle.
- Bonfire is available on request at 300 php per setup.
- Anghalo Falls available for day tour at 230 php per person.
- Island hopping is subject to availability.