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Ulu Temburong National Park: The Nature Adventure Capital of Brunei

Temburong, one of the four districts of Brunei is where one can find the 550 sq km Ulu Temburong National Park. This natural forest cover is Brunei's well kept eco-tourism haven. Established in 1991, this protected national park covers 40% of Temburong district. It is part of the "Heart Of Borneo", a 220,00 sq km of protected forest area covering Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Also known as the "Green Jewel of Brunei", Ulu Temburong National Park is no doubt the " Nature Adventure Capital of Brunei".

Thrilling Longboat Ride The adventure starts the moment you board a longboat to take you to the heart of the forest. Borneo is known for longboats, they are a popular form of transportation among people since time immemorial. Modern longboats are now run by high-powered motor engines. The challenge taking one is keeping your balance as the boat crisscross through the winding Temburong river. One starts downstream which means the boatman should go against the water current which could be strong when it rains upstream. There are also many areas where water is cascading indicating shallow sections of less than a meter deep with rocks beneath. Also dotting the length of the river are giant logs that could pose peril to the journey. Those who drive the boat comes with years of experience. They can easily navigate the intricacies of this river passage even at the dark night. Have you valuables secured in a dry bag and enjoy the thrill!

Camp Deep in the Jungle
While a day tour at Ulu Temburong National Park very much doable, camping here overnight takes the experience to a different level. Be mesmerized by the tranquility of the forest with no other sound but that of birds,insects and other forest creatures to serenade you through the night. There are a few campsites allowed to operate inside the National Park with Ulu Ulu National Park Resort being the largest and most popular. It is also the closest to the set-off point of the canopy walk which you should not miss. Speaking of which, the advantage of camping overnight at the national park is that you can go for an early hike to Belalong Canopy Walk in time for sunrise.

Water Tubing at Temburong River
This one activity that both thrill-seekers and beginners could enjoy. Temburong river is mostly calm but some rocky sections cause water to cascade and creates small waves that could spice up the water tubing experience. A little arm paddling while nested with your back at the tube. Marvel at the thick vegetation at all angles while the river's current take you downstream. Be one with nature and have all your senses involved in this completely immersive activity.
Mutong Waterfalls and Resident Doctor Fish

This mountainous national park is home to many waterfalls. Though most of them are so deep in the jungle and are not open to tourists yet, there is one -- Mutong Waterfalls -- which is a rare sight to behold. It is a small waterfalls with two sections. The upper falls has a deep pool where one can enjoy swimming amidst the clear, cold water and very quiet mood. The main falls below is a bit bigger but also with a gentle cascade. The pool below it is home to doctor fish. It is one of the few places you will find in your lifetime where a doctor fish exist in the wild ,in their natural environment. These fish are not the shy type. They will immediately swarm into you the moment you have a part of your body submerged in water. And they come in big numbers. A truly relaxing and quirky experience.
Go For a Unique Night Walk Many forest animals are nocturnal. In the virgin forest of Ulu Temburong National Park, exotic animals abound. Just a few minutes and you will find the rarest of specie like cave centipedes, giant ants, spiders,rare frogs and leaf grasshopper among others. Guides are well trained to navigate the intricacies of the forest at night. Be ready to get wet and soiled. Also be prepared for a little ascend in the trail. This experience is one you can rarely experience, only possible in the protected forests of Borneo.
Belalong Canopy Walk The ultimate culmination of your adventure at Ulu Temburong National Park. This is not for the faint at heart. The 800 + steps to the uppermost section is quite challenging. Be sure to take your time. There are four pit stops with huge sheds that could help you navigate the steps. Be sure to bring enough water to hydrate yourself along the way. It is best that you go early in the morning for a breathtaking sunrise or in the afternoon for an epic sunset.

Either way, one can enjoy the amazing view that the five connected towers 40-meters high could afford. You need to conquer your fear especially if you are afraid of heights. Once up there, be ready to witness forest as far as the eyes can see, a rare sight in a world where rainforests are at a constant threat. Feel proud, you are staring at one of the oldest rainforest in the world estimated to be 140 million years old.