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The 2-hour Ride to Luna La Union for a Day-Tour is so Worth It #BalauarteWatchTower #PebbleBeach

One might wonder, is there anything else one can do in San Juan La Union other than surfing?  What about for those who are not interested in riding the board and battling the waves?
Well, for one there is food trip, there are so many specialty restaurants in there now and I am sure one can feast in the variety of choices on offer. Also, don't discount Tangadan Falls, not so majestic but it has its own charm. 

The trail to the waterfalls is one I love the most ---easy and picturesque.
Read about Tangadan Falls 
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And then North of San Juan is the sleepy town of Luna. It a place worthy of a day trip. Easy on the pocket and easy to reach. What you do is ride a jeepney from San Juan, just wait along the main road for jeeps with signboard Luna, fare is around 30 pesos and it takes approximately 2 hrs. One can also take buses bound North like Vigan or Laoag but you have to alight at the intersection in Balaoan and take the jeepney or tricycle to Luna. It was before lunch when we went here so the jeepney ride was bearable.