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General Luna Siargao Walking Tour

The whole stretch of the main road from the Catholic church of General Luna in Siargao all the way to Cloud-9 is a showcase of specialty stores, good resto finds, surprising accommodations and other cool spots. It was in the afternoon immediately after lunch in October 2017, our last day in the island, when we set off to find the famous pan-de-surf which is located just in front of the Catholic church.

Turns out that this popular bread is only baked at a small makeshift stall in front of the owner's house and is not available all-day long. We were told that we came too early and they were to make them at around 4:00 pm. But wr were scheduled for surfing at 5:00 pm back in Cloud-9 so we had to let go of sampling this bread until our next visit to the island. Since we still had ample of time before surfing, we decided to go for a little walk instead of immediately going back to our hotel via habal-habal.

It was an " impromptu Walking Tour" which I find really cool and fulfilling. We walked for only a couple hundred meters from the church and got to discover lots of cool stuff, got to interact with some locals slash business owners and got to learn a lot about their business and shared our thoughts as well on how they can improve on their offering -- unsolicited advice -- that also made them delighted. Here's what we got to discover in our little walking tour.