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Planning Your Dream Vacation in the Philippines - Where to Visit First?

Planning Your Dream Vacation in the Philippines - Where to Visit First?

The Philippines is absolutely beautiful. This beautiful tropical island paradise is a place where you will get fantastic weather, incredible natural beauty, and wonderful sites and culture that will make your trip there one you will never forget. It is truly spectacular.

It is also a place that offers thousands of things you can do for enjoyment. Unless you are planning on spending a lifetime there, there is no way that you can take in everything there is to do in this country. However, you do not want to miss certain places no matter how much time you have there. These places will ensure your time in the Philippines is better than ever. Here are some to consider.


Getting the Most Out of Your Trip
It should be noted that the Philippines offer great opportunities for you to play your favorite casino style games at their online casinos. Some want to enjoy the full experience of this country, and playing roulette, blackjack, poker, or slot machines helps to enhance that experience.

While you could go to the land-based facilities they have available, you may not want to spend your time in a casino when you could be out at the beach, dining in a café, or taking in the incredible history of this country. This is why it pays to look at online casinos as the ones here, as they hold license to operate on the territory of the Philippines. These allow you to play the games of your choice and to do so no matter where or when you want to play. Plus, they offer great bonuses, giving you some additional cash to play with.
Living Up to Their Slogan
In 2012, the Philippines Department of Tourism unleashed the new slogan: “it’s more fun and the Philippines”.

This country has done a lot to live up to that slogan. This is a dynamic and wonderful country to visit and there is just about any activity you could possibly desire to do. It simply does not matter what you have in mind. Here are some must-see destinations.

This area allows you to go back in history to the colonial days in the Philippines. You can travel and horse drawn carts along the cobblestone streets, see incredible mansions, and enjoy feeling like you are back in the 18th century Spanish controlled times. There are great shops, fantastic places to eat, and an unbelievable experience.
Many tourist destinations have had so many people visit them over the years that they had become dirty, especially their beach areas. No worries about that when you go to Donsol. Not only do they have fantastic beaches, but there are stunning waterfalls and a number of caves that allow you to have a full experience in this tropical destination.
Cebu City
Cebu is an island province located in the Philippines. The main island itself is surrounded by 167 additional islands, and you will have an epic trip if you visit any one of those islands. However, you would be wise to take in the capital city of this province. It has an international airport and has fantastic history and architectural designs that will leave you breathless. Plus, you can go to the beach, enjoy fine dining, and the night life is fantastic.

If you are a person who loves the great outdoors, then we recommend this island to you. There are actually two different regions to Mindoro - Mindoro Oriental and Mindoro Occidental. These two regions are divided by a large mountain range. What is great about this is that you can enjoy a fantastic beach experience, or spend your time heading into the mountains for a camping trip or a great adventure hike. You were going to enjoy an ecosystem like you will find nowhere else on the planet.
Boracay will
Maybe you would just like to enjoy a lazy day out on the water or on the beach. This is what Boracay has to offer. This is an island area that has great shacks that are available at a very low price, but still offer a fantastic experience. There are also five-star hotels and resorts. You can rent a sailboat, go fishing, or splash in the water. If a romantic moment is what you are looking for, you will not find a better one than here.

What is so great about the Philippines is that there is so much you could see. We are giving you some must-see locations, but there are dozens of places you could go that are fantastic and will give you the ultimate dream vacation. If you are smart, you will make sure that you give yourself at least a couple of weeks in this tropical paradise. Anything short of that will give you only a small taste of what you really should be enjoying.