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Combine the artisan interior and accessibility of Oh My Gulay and the village feels of Tam-Awan and you have a watering hole that is wonder both to the senses and the palate.

It's about the space, being more of a sprawling location, the diversity of cafes and restaurants 
and the more sophisticated artwork in a wonderful maze and a downtown location.

Of course I am not discrediting one over the other. I still the abovementioned spaces but this place just behind Baguio Cathedral is the lastest addition of vibe that only a UNESCO CREATIVE CITY that is Baguio could offer. This is the brainchild of National artist Kidlat Tahimik.

Chizmozza: grilled cheese dandwich with four types of cheeses: mozzarella, eden, american cheddar and cream cheese with homemade tomato jam

Firesmores: graham dust and fudge brownie topped with marshmallows

Butterkaffe: our own version of bullet coffee, house blend coffee with butter, virgin coconut oil and cinnamon

food and drinks can be enjoyed anywhere within Ili-Likha Artists' Watering Hole.

Follow them;
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thescoutburrows/

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