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Best Municipal Government Website......


My student
for my 10-11am shift
is absent
so I have time
to do some blogging.....

My friend is telling me that I'm becoming OA with blogging these days.
He is very critical about my postings. He said that the visual is okay but the content is poor. In other words, so so.I am okay with it.....I am learning and I am enjoying far.

I have loads of information to learn, wala to sa bundok e. Para tuloy akong grade one. Okay lang, we have to start somewhere , right? Anyways, its 10:35am and so far Manila is still peaceful (you know, the prediction...never mind)......

Anyways, as I was searching for some golf wallpapers a while ago, I came to notice this very interesting website. Parang limited lang yung vocabulary ko sa interesting but to be fair , this site deserves a better description.

It's the Municipal Government Website of Bulacan>>>>>>>>>

It's fresh, classy and original. Thumbs up for the presentation. It contains everything you need to know about the province--- tourism, music, business, socio economic policies, tourism etc. It's very user-friendly as well, you can download forms, seals, wallpapers, local songs and even videos. In short, very functional.It won the BEST WEBSITE (e-LGU Category-Provicial) in 2006 and 2007.

....... If I may add, it is far better than the website of the National Computer Center which gives the award.


  1. ang nice naman ng site nila, i always see their site being nominated at phil webby awards!

    yay gumana na yung link!

  2. yup---maganda and yup, gumagana na ----thanks for you assistance.

  3. aling u na sa computer ah...

    mas marami ka na alam sa akin...


  4. you should start blogging's fun.
    para mapakinabangan mo naman yang
    internet mo.....


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