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electronic music....anyone?

I love music.
The melody, but more particularly so
with the lyrics because it is
what songs are all about.
While the sound caters to the
our brain sensors, the message
targets our sensibilities,
our heart, and even the soul.
A good combination of both would be very good but just like true love,it is hard to find..........

Then one time, As I asked what is the famous music in KOREA these days, she said BABY ONE MORE TIME by Jewelry, a local group. She went on by saying that it is a type of electronic music.I said okay, but honestly, i don't know what electronic music is. So I made a very simple definition search.Very idle of me......kkk

Defination: Music produced or modified by electronic means so that electronic
equipment is required for it to be heard.

Today, the term electronic music serves to differentiate music that uses electronics as its focal point or inspiration, from music that uses electronics mainly in service of creating an intended production that may have some electronic elements in the sound but does not focus upon them.

So here is the song. Hope you tell me if it is qualified in the definition of electronic music.


  1. wow! sexy quartet!!! the song is kinda nice too, But i don't think it is electronic... it's more like pop or dance.

  2. it really is hard to tell, the demarcation line is blurred......
    ...or maybe I'm just ignorant about it.thanks.

  3. it's still pop music, you know the band prodigy?? they're the perfect description of electronic music


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