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I pride myself
as a person
who is efficient
in blocking
negative energy
from other people.

As much as possible I don't want to entertain it so I put this invisible psychological shield of protection for me to be spared from the emotional garbage of other people who are so in need of others in fixing things for them as well as environmental conditions which I can no longer change. Control what you can control and let bygones be bygones........

I thought I am doing a fair job......until this whole powwow about a supposed earthquake prediction that is to hit the Philippines tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, the 18th of July.How can you miss it? It's everywhere, text messages, tv, radio, blogs, its the buzzword anywhere you turn. There are many version of it, 5.2 magnitude, 6.5, 8.2....some say a tsunami will be a bonus (whhhaaatttt????). My friends, relatives have already asked me couple of times not to go to work tomorrow since I work in the 28th floor of a building in Ortigas.

Honestly, I don't even have time to think about it. How could I? I am too busy thinking about how to deal with my persistent backache because of sitting for 11 hours or so a day in front of a computer, how not to be tempted on pricking my more than a dozen pimples due to lack of sleep, how to find a substitute to my bench hair wax because I have to wear it everyday to keep my hair in its proper position but it is now taking a toll on my thick black turning brown hair, how I can help my students who when asked about what they did a few minutes before you start talking to them would say that they have eaten their babies?

So you see? I don't even have time to remember who my mom is? I am too busy! That's why it's even more irritating when unfair predictions like this bug you everyday.......


  1. Maybe the less we give attention to it the less "likely" it'll come to pass...

    But then by the mere mention of it, the thought of reacting to it... probably defeats the purpose of trying to negate it's "possible" occurence brought by people's collective consciousness. (Yeah. I somewhat believe in that collective consciousness stuff.)

  2. sure. I would be glad. Let's exchange links. ^^, good day...

  3. WOW! what a scary story~ i would feel weird if such prediction were made at where i live~ hope that is not true~ ako idagdag ikaw link. gosh i hope i got that right.

  4. you mean to say you added me?----in that case, you should say....dinagdag kita link ko.

    ----salamat po.


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