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Rhoda Montemayor :Pinay PINK power ranger....


I grew up watching
BIOMAN, Shaider, Voltron,
Voltez-V, Magma-man,
X-men etc.

It made me very imaginative.
I think all kids are but believe it or not,
I used to think
that I could be a mutant if
I say 1 million times that I am
going to have superpowers.
Worse, I was already in High School
that time. Does that make me a late bloomer?Bygones!!!

As I was saying, I grew up with with these kind of programs and still have a heart for it. It's fun, plus they have good looking people for the lead roles. You know, it's nice seeing beautiful-faced people being beaten (not because it is fetish) but because they still look good despite all the dirt and blood...kkk

This girl will be among them....................

.........Rhoda Montemayor, 23. click here
she is beautiful.
she is the new pink power ranger.
and she is a Filipina!!!

..............we will surely hear and see more of her in the days and years to come.