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Most Stressful Day of the Week

back to work.
For some of us,
we are excited
to see our peers,
our students,
our friends........

Unfortunately, for most of us, we dread to see our boss again, the seemingly inexhaustible files in our tables, the irritating sound of the office printer.The list is endless......
Just thinking about it on a Sunday night could really make you depressed. Specially if you work in an environment like this........

According to survey in Korea, the most stressful day for them is Monday. They also tried to relate it to the number of sales in cigarettes. Although it was found out that more cigarettes were generally brought on Fridays according to research, they are anticipating that people are just buying extra packs for the weekend......

Anyways, in my case Monday is okay, for me it's a fresh start. I would consider Thursday as the most stressful coz that will be the time when stress is really building up due to long hours of work.......

What about you, what is your most stressful day of the week?


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