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the KOREAN connection.......


Koreans love the peace sign......

They love doing this whenever they take pictures. Looks cute, but it will definitely not work with us PINOY's. We would think somebody is crazy or jologs or something. We are just not used to it. They are though, so we cannot blame them........'s puzzling though, where did it start or who have started it. I made a mission one Monday morning to ask all my students the whereabouts of this seemingly odd practice. Most of them don't know. They simply do it coz everybody else does.

Then one of my students made a sensible remark. She said Koreans are just shy so they do that to hide their embarrassment. Makes sense. Until it became a practice. So people in Korea these days especially the young do it. It's kinda cute sometimes as long as you don't get to this point I guess>>>>>>>>>>>>

............what's that????????????? is that glass? Oh---I guess it's labeled employee of the month!!!!
And if in case you don't want to believe me, we can ask her boss if you want.


......okay. Confirmed. She is indeed the employee of the month!!!!!kkk.


  1. All my female friends love to do that when being photographed too!! so annoying. So i guess it is not just limited to Koreans. As far as i know, Japanese do that too! Taiwanese too... there are horizontal version as well, you know! LOL that's so not fierce~ *snap*

  2. I remember the Japanese. Not really sure with the Chinese though if it is common, say 6 out of 10. With it done by the majority?

  3. I read an article about this "Y" hand sign before. If it's the back of the "Y" hand facing you, it means "fxxx off" to some people. If it's the front (fairer side) of the "Y" hand facing you, it's "peace". Hmm.. different culture different meaning...

  4. I find it quite weird too the first time i saw it and now, a lot of Pinoys have taken to it just because...tama ka, it's rather jologs hehehehe!


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