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MORMONS going nude?

I told myself that
I will never post
any pictures
of nude people here,
either partly nude
or completely nude
so as not to send
a negative message
or draw bad reviews.
But these really
got my attention...sorry.

They are former MORMON missionaries who are now part of a Men on a Mission calendar. They stripped down to show people that they’re not “these awkward, naive religion peddlers. Kind of dorky. A little backwards, or cult members.”

The Mormon faith embraces modesty and sees sexuality as something best expressed in the marriage bed. So for many Mormons, photographing an icon of chaste spirituality doing his best to affect sexiness is utterly horrifying.


I am not sure how to feel about this either. I know a couple of Filipino members of the faith and I highly respect them. I also have very high regards to their missionaries and I'm not certain if I am ready to see them going topless. Is there really a need to promote one's faith in such manner, Isn't it defeating the purpose of the whole thing? me old fashioned , not religious please, but I still prefer to see them like this>>>>

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  1. maybe some are not yet prepared for them to go this way. yeah, it looked odd. but all of us has the right to be naked.

    as for me, i dont know what was the purpose for going topless. and i less care. hehe.

  2. they want to make their religion generic but I am not sure if it will work that way......

  3. the last thing i've heard was the church they belong to now kicked them off

    @islanded: purpose of going topless?? hmmm interesting...

  4. Jake....behave.
    Not this one okay......kkk

  5. i think you need to hear from a mormon (that's me). it (the calendar) did not come from the church. a mormon might have done it but it did not come from the church, get it? the church didn't need any such publicity. if you're wondering if mormons can be normal, well, take me as an example?


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