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We are going to Singapore.......

Step 2 : Done.
I got my ticket. Yehey!!!

Finally, after almost 3 hours
of queuing
in their ticketing office
in Robinsons Galleria, I got it!

The date is September 20-23, 2008. Just 3 days.Need to go back to Manila for work kagad. Not as originally scheduled, naubusan nakasi ako ng promo kanina so I moved it to the week next to Sept 13.

Another change, now we are going to fly Cebu Pacific, a local airline. This is good because I don't have to feel guilty taking Tiger airways or Virgin Air which by the way doesn't have any direct flight from Clark to Singapore. Why guilty? In the same manner that I feel guilty every time I eat McDonalds instead of Jollibee, use Irish Spring Soap instead of Safeguard, drink Budweiser instead of San Miguel beer.....buying those products would mean buying unemployment for my people.

Plus, I don't have to travel 1 hour or so to Clark and most of all, I will be seeing TERMINAL 3. Maybe they opened it because they have anticipated that Mr CARRANZA, the oldest virgin when it comes to traveling abroad is finally having his 1st time.kkk.

Anyways, I am so excited. The next step now is to be ALIVE long enough to experience that day.....


  1. arrrggghh!

    now i'm the oldest travel virgin!

    happy trip and don't forget to take pics of terminal 3 ha

  2. why not travel lex, kaya mo naman e.
    still one problem though, time----right?

  3. wow! magenjoy ka singapore...and share your escapades here in your site...TIRA TIRA!

  4. only 3 days? not stopping by KL??? :(

  5. Same experience At CebuPac's mahabang pila at mabagal na service.

    We availed their promo last May which is zero fare. Unluckily they emailed us a month after that our flight is rescheduled! At kame na ang nacancel at kame pa naabala sa pagpila.

    Well, OK na din. ZERO fare naman! cheers! happy trip sayo! (--,)

  6. I really don't have much time. Need to go back for work, you know, or else I would not eat.kkk. I thought of dropping by KL but I might just regret not enjoying the city if I just drop by for 2 hours. Maybe I will go there next year....although I am planning Hongkong next......

  7. So anu nangyari Ching? Did your trip push through? Sad naman yun, I hope it will not happen to us....kkk

  8. our flight shud be sept3-7. yung sept 3 ang nacancel daw. ayun, nagpabook kame ng ibang time. OK na cia. (fingers crossed!)

    first time namen sa Cebu Pac. Ok ba?

  9. Take a bus to KL!!! It's just bridge-ride away. Grab the chance 'coz you'll never know when you'll be beack again. Bon Voyage!!!

  10. how long does it take if I am going to take the bus to KL?

    My friend said she is going to take us to the other side, which is of coarse part of Malaysia, but I guess KL is way far from that place.....

  11. saan punta nyo Chyng?
    Anyways, thanks and all's wee that
    ends well diba?

    ....go for it....

  12. hey! have a safe and happy trip! i haven't seen terminal 3 pa rin. hahaha!

  13. Or you can even cross the bridge in 30 mins from the strait and go to Johor Bahru - it's a good intro to Malaysia without wasting too much time to go to KL. Alternatively, you can ride the ferry going to Bintan in Indonesia (1 hour lang yata).

    That way, you have travelled to 3 countries already in a day! That will make you a travel virgin no more!

  14. yes...thanks for the tips.
    I really want to be a travel virgin no more.....kkk

  15. wow..its almost'll soon be de-virginized!!!have a great te-away!.hmmm,i like the idea of having 3 countries visited in 3 days ha!!!i think i wud have to save up for singapore then than taiwan..share your pics,please!

  16. Naku...maghintay ka dyan sa Hongkong at kung papalarin e susugurin ka namin dyan mid-next year....and Macao narin.kkk


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