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Most Famous Global Pinoy Celebrities......

are one of the
most talented
people in the
HERES the top 10
list of most famous
Global Pinoy

10. Ramiele Malubay
-- I miss this girl.
9. Cheryl Burke
-- I think she is really good in dancing.
8. Cassie
-- Young and has lots of potential.
7. Enrique Iglesias
--handsome and talented.
6. Alan Pineda Lindo
-- A very down to earth person.
5. Kirk Hamett
-- I'm not into rock music so
I really don't know him.

4. Arnel Pineda
--a budding talent.
3. Chris Gatdula
--need to do more research about him.
2. Charice
--- a global phenomenon.
1. Vanessa Hudgens
--with all the controversies,
she came out victorious.

Of coarse there are many more famous Filipino artists known worldwide, Mutya Buena, Charlie Green, Tia Carrere , Michael Copon, Lou Diamond Phillips, Rob Schneider ,Jasmine Trias, Camile Velasco, Jocelyn Enriquez, Nicole Scherzinger and many others.

Who do you think doesn't deserve to be in the list and who should be in?


  1. what about cristine of Happy Slip?

  2. Thanks for the info...
    I wonder where I have been.
    I don't know much about her until you mentioned.
    Maybe I should do more homework....

  3. there's also TV Carpio - the lesbian cheerleader from the beatles-inspired movie Across the Universe... she is a true gem!

  4. OMG....I don't know her either.
    research, research. thanks


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