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Mutya Buena-----the real girl


I love seeing Filipinos
making names in different countries...
All Filipinos are.
It's natural if
you live in a country where
there are a lot to talk about
but too little to be proud of,
we celebrate, either quietly or very loudly
at the achievement
of our fellow Filipinos
anywhere they are in the world............

I know the articles that I have here, the Filipinos that I featured and will be featuring has been the contents of FILIPINO blog sites. But I still want to allot
a particular space in my site to salute these men and women who are making us all proud.,,,,,,,,,


here's one from the famous song of Mutya Buena, Real Girl.

But I don't wanna think about
What's gonna come around for me
I'll just take it day by day
'Cause it's the only way
To be the best that I can be

I never pretend to be something I'm not
You get what you see, when you see what I've got
We live in the real world, I'm just a real boy
I know exactly where I stand

And all I can do is be true to myself
I don't need permission from nobody else
'Cause this is the real world, I'm not a little boy
I know exactly who I am.

The lyrics speaks for itself.
Success is not measured in miles, it is won by inch. Win an inch now, and win another later. Makes sense.......but of course, be natural, don't pretend to be somebody else and know what you want. The message is universal.

.....and for this one, I think the message is not as resounding as the first one but the melody is enticing.

By the way, Mutya Buena has been an international star since the age of 15, when she enjoyed her first hit with the British pop group Sugababes, but it wasn't until 2007 that she stepped out on her own as a solo artist. Born in London's Kingsbury district on May 21, 1985, Rosa Isabel Mutya Buena was raised in a multicultural family (her mother is of Irish descent while her father is from the Philippines), and she developed an interest in music at an early age.