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The NEW face of Beijing

Building doesn't have
to be grand to be beautiful......
There are certain buildings
that I find
very fascinating.
These ensemble of metal, bricks and cement
are truly works of art not just
for their unique designs
but for the magic
or drama it brings
to a particular town or city.

They are not just beautiful, but I think they meet the most important thing, that it should compliment the place, not to ruin it. I don't know much about architecture but I know if a structure is just not fit in a particular place.

I think you agree with me when I say that the PETRONAS Twin Tower of MALAYSIA is magnificent on its own but it's a complete eyesore in the landscape of KL (sorry to our friends in Malaysia---pls tell me what you think about this.). Yes, the Eiffel Tower was grand and one of the most traveled landmark in the world but it is becoming more of an odd thing in the view of PARIS.
And what about Taipei 101? The name, the structure and the location, everything is just mismatched I guess.

Then again, there are some notable buildings that I would like to mention. I could look at them in hours, even if I just have to content myself with pictures...kkk

London, a very dynamic city. It has it's share of the medieval architecture but it never fails to stop impressing me with it's new buildings and offices which blends gracefully in beauty of the city.

1. 30 St Mary Axe
----It is widely known by the nickname "The Gherkin", and occasionally as a variant on The Swiss Re Tower,

2. The London City hall
---he headquarters of the Greater London Authority which comprises the Mayor of London and London Assembly. It located in Southwark.

3.Lloyd's building
----located at One Lime Street, in the City of London, England. It is is the home of the insurance institution.

Of coarse FRANCE would still have some interesting contemporary architectural marvels.

4. Millau Viaduct
----located in Millau, France.It is the tallest vehicular bridge in the world, with one mast's summit at 343 metres (1,125 ft).

SPAIN could not be left behind......

5. Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències
This is actually a complex which includes

* El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía — Opera house and performing arts centre
* L'Hemisfèric — Imax Cinema, Planetarium and Laserium
* L'Umbracle — Walkway / Garden
* El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe — Science museum
* L'Oceanogràfic — Open-air oceanographic park

6. Puente del Alamillo
---Located in Seville, Andalusia (Spain) spans the Canal de Alfonso XIII in Seville, allowing access to La Cartuja, an island between the canal and the Guadalquivir River

DUBAI , UAE is also a very restless city. New Skyscrapers are on the rise anywhere you set your eyes.Some of the most notable buildings they have are the following....

7. Emirates Office Tower
---is a 54-floor office building along Sheikh Zayed Road in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

....and now Beijing. The capital of the worlds fasting growing country is now in the map.

8. China Central Television headquarters
A 49-story towers connected by a multistory, cantilevered, jagged cross section over open space at a vertiginous 36 stories up in the air.

9. The National Grand Theater
---The National Center for the Performing Arts (China)and colloquially described as The Egg, is an opera house in Beijing, China.

Hope we could also have a unique building in the Philippines as well....


  1. amazing structures!!!

    very magical

    why don't we have these here???

    wala ba tayong sense of aestheticism??

  2. I saw the China Central TV Station in Beijing last year and it was stil under construction. My partner and I thought it would look magnificent against the backdrop of the Beijing skyline once it is finished.

  3. Galing naman. What did you do in China/ Beijing last year Jake? Is Beijing better than Manila?

  4. Wow .... great ... !!!

  5. what about you in Indonesia Akhyari, what is the best building you have there?

    i have posted new planned buildings in jakarta. enjoy,!

  7. Aesthetically, Beijing is far better than Manila. The city has more modern buildings, more parks, more spacious sidewalks and cooler (but more polluted)air. I came there at the start of the winter season (a chilling 5degrees celsius) but no snow yet. But still, Beijing residents cannot measure up with the hospitality of Manilans.-

  8. add to ur list the Beijing olympics sites..the famous bird's nest and national aquatic center..

  9. I agree jhole22,
    I actually have a separate
    article about that in my blog....

  10. jake...I hope I could also go there so that I could experience the the difference that you are saying.......

  11. Arry, nice buildings? great designs. Are all of those things proposal or some are undergoing construction??

  12. most of them are almost finished, dude. Jakarta tower sud be fully 'operating' by 2012


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