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my first in 27 years......


Yes, you heard it right.
It took me 27 years
to get my 1st passport.
I just thought going abroad was
very surreal for me.....

So what's what's with the change of heart? Maybe it's more so because of the fact that things are getting better for me this year financially. Not that I have much but at least now I can afford it. Thanks to budget Airlines line Cebu Pacific or Tiger Airways I can now go to the nearest travel destination ,(actually second, next to HK) Singapore. Sana nga matuloy na. Bago paman ako kunin ni LORD sana ma-treat ko na sarili ko palabas ng bansa.. I have to prepare for it.....and this is my first shot. My first passport.

With the looks of it, life seems to be just starting for me. Some people think that it is very elementary and there is nothing so significant about. Anyways, since this is my blog, I can write anything crappy in here even if it would surely scare readers away. I've already had a lot posted here. Never mind, I'm satisfied with it.

This is my piece of the pie My share in the good taste life can offer and I am ready to own it, no matter how small an achievement it is. Stop me!!!!!

Then, this. As an online ESL teacher, I am proud to say that I am part of the DOT's goal of attracting 10 million tourists by 2010. I make it a point that I always promote the Philippines to my students and convince them to go to the Philippines instead of somewhere else. I would always say that our the Philippines are the best in the region.....far better than Phuket, or Pattaya or Bali. But wait a minute, have I been to those places? Not yet. So who am I to say? Shouldn't I just say I am ignorant about the topic and just shut the f...k out? Nope. Not a good idea. Anyways, so far, my success rate is 1 out 10, kkk. At least they learn about our country and they tried to think of it. Publicity is publicity. Every small effort will definitely help.

By the way, the passports color is new. It's now black, and I heard that it's now machine readable. Thank God, our old and still running on over-capacity airport NAIA-1 might witness a small ease. I hope. Let's see if it will deliver it's promise. Wow, I can't wait to go out of the country!!!!

By the way, I got it for Php 1,500 through a travel agency. I think it is more convinient that way. All I did was to appear for my signature and thumbmark( which is mandatory) and then wait for 12-15 working days. I heard that you could also apply online, . Good luck you guys>>>>>>>>


  1. Carl dude, thanks for leaving comments on our blog for some time now. We appreciate it.

    AND dude!!!...please edit your passport photo immediately. It's dangerous to post your full details online.

    I remember reminding each blogger that do so. For your safety dude, edit out the full name and your birthday. Others may use your identity for rouge activities.

    Just concerned.

  2. Wow...thanks PISANU.
    taking time to comment in my crappy blog is a flattery.

    .......and reminding me about my passport is a bonus. I am very happy today!!!!!Thanks

  3. I am a regular visitor of your blog....although I was not able to post comments lately coz I also wan't to work on my own blog. It is a struggle for a person like me who did not grow up with all of these technology related gadgets..... really is different if you are from the mountains.THANKS for dropping by PISANU.

  4. this the most that I can do for now, I don't have a good face, but I want to keep it that way. I hope it doesn't get me into so much trouble.....

  5. hi chris, its refreshing to read your blog...

  6. hi po... i never expected you will own an account in blogspot. you are really amazing. you can still manage to make and update a blog despite your very hectic schedules.


  7. hey pakaleklalawak, i think the passport still reveals too much if that is the real passport number and your real name~~ i must say your passport photo looks real nice ;) when will ya be goin' to Singapore?

  8. Oops! you'd just edit your photo~ haha thank god i still manage to view it :D

  9. September 13-16, most probably.
    I have a friend there so it will be a lot easier for me....kkk

    thanks you guys for the concern.

  10. ha ha....I'm like a 6th grader.....

  11. Should be ok, i hope~ haha... by the way~ your blog title, Pusa is cat, right?... what does saling mean??

  12. there is no direct translation in english but it has something to do with being new in a group for example but you are not being recognized as a member of the group.....

    it's like being an outcast. It is about trying to find the acceptance and recognition......

  13. By the way, where do you live in Malaysia???

  14. hey anton!

    weird, i'm also planning to get my ass on for a travel, i've heard singapore is a fabulous place, so i guess i'll wait for your reviews first before i go...

    i'll be in bohol naman in sept!!

    i guess sa chuseok holiday ang trip mo no?

    it's nice, we DESERVE to pamper ourselves to the max!

  15. yes, this chuseok. unfortunately, Monday lang apektado so I have to be absent on the 16th (Tue).....
    Even if I want to stay there for a week, di pwede. So I have to get my ass back in Manila the soonest possible time.......

  16. Never been to Bohol. I also want to go there. San kayo don?

    Maybe I will also get tips from you.......

  17. I see you are an olympic fan. try visiting

    See yah!

  18. Congratulations, Antonio!!! It's good to set foot on other shores, and I'm doing it not just for pleasure but to learn about other cultures as well. Thanks for dropping by my blog and I'll also add you up. Enhorabuena!

  19. hey, also have a friend who works there. sama naman ako.hahah


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