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Having fun with Olympic Uniforms.....

who says you can
Olympics and fashion?
If you could get away with both, why not?
Here are some countries who took the
extra mile to show
their bold, classy
and sometimes questionable
You be the judge
who you think sported it best.....

CANADA---the trasher type

USA----the clean type (maybe to test if the air/smoke in Beijing really bad)

AUSTRALIA----the flight attendants wannabees (comes with a free bag)

CHINA---the Cory Aquino inspired.

NEW ZEALAND---my bestfriends wedding kinda thing.

and last but not the least
JAPAN----the combination of all of the above.

so, who do you think nailed it?
I would say Japan is very classy........


  1. I agree... though yung US parang cool din.

  2. Very neat and easy on the eyes. I think it does it reflect your sense of fashion Kris.......


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