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I am guilty
Ninoy Aquino day came and not
even a single effort
on my part to
contemplate on what the
whole thing is all about.
I think I became rather lax and too
confident that I am doing
my part as a citizen of this country.
But if I can do more, why not?
Thanks to a fellow blogger Denis
and his article about I AM NINOY
I was suddenly reminded of
the primary reason why
I made this blog....for the Filipino cause.
My part of the pie, that I may do more
for my country. And so, even if it's late
I would to tell you about this add aimed at
reviving the NINOY in each
and everyone of us.........

......yes, there is a hero in each and everyone of us. You don't have to be big. You just have to do your part and do what you think is right........
That way, you can proudly say, I am NINOY, I am proud to be PINOY!!!!!

CLICK HERE for more information on this campaign


  1. yeah i believe that too... there is a hero in each and everyone of us... kung meron lang iniative ang lahat and someone worthy of of the position to lead us...

  2. i agree, we should be the heroes of ourselves. we don't have to do big things but little things with a lot of compassion. a little light somewhere definitely makes a big light everywhere!

  3. Just like a famous line from a song...let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Everything starts with ourselves....

  4. i wonder where our country wou;d be under ninoy???

    i hope we'll find a new one soon

  5. Yes Alex, we all have that feeling, what if. And to be honest, I don;t know what's ahead of 2010. I mean, it's not that I am 100% for President Arroyo but after her, who's next?

  6. is that Jai Reyes?

    nweis, gusto ko ng shirt na ninoy sa TeamManila!

  7. in 2010? i'm rooting for mar roxas or manny villar

  8. Chyng---magkanu kaya yung T-shirt? parang gusto ko bumili.

  9. Ay---uo nga pala LEX, me future parin pala. I like them too. Politics na ito.kkk

  10. Hello SP. okay yun. thanks for mentioning me in your blog post. i have to say u made a better post. heheh. dami mong comments ah. i cant keep up heheh. but its very much appreciated. salamat bro.

  11. Thanks Dennis. You have to understand that I always look up to you. Regardless of who made the better version, I am glad that I am part of the gang who have spread the word......thanks again.

  12. By the way, the tee-shirts nga pala could be bought in BENCH stores at around 329 pesos. What are you waiting for guys......


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