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Karinyo Brutal.....

Sorry Alex,
since I got
more friends in
I got a better
shot than the one's
in your blog article
another gay-ish pic from Beijing.
Check it out.....

that's called karinyo brutal,
and like any other love story,

one ends up being very exhausted..........

....and the other one being sorry.kkk


  1. i wanna engage myself in photography na rin!

    kaso sobra busy

    anyways, di na maiwasan mga awkward moments sa sports hehe

  2. now that got me into thinking??

    what's kariƱo brutal in english?

  3. hahaha. duda na ako sa ibang athletes... baka they're using their sport para maka-chansing! hahaha.

  4. hahaha... kaya lang ang pangit nung naka blue.

  5. Alex---diko lam english nyan e. Sadistic love? Brutal foreplay? I think better call it that way carno brutal. Parng mas nakak-excite pakinggan.

  6. Kuya Joven, with this picture, I think they are in the heat of the moment lang talaga. Di maiwasan.kkk

    ...but you got your point. And the photographers are always there to exploit the situation naman.

  7. Kris Jasper----sabay ganun e. loko ka ha. kkk


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