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what goes around, comes around.......

It has been my hobby
to tease my friends
and relate movie titles
to their circumstances.
Not that I want to put them down
but we just make light
of each others boring and sometimes
unfortunate lives....
And since I have only a few
friends around
in Manila, I don't have
a hard time tagging all of them.

MARVIN---my first friend in MANILA. He got all the ssss.very simple, supportive,sincere and sometimes sensitive. After resigning in public school, our friendship became platonic. But he is still there like superman ready to help if needed.He is always there to save our relationship and every time my gf and I have a fight, he would always end being sooooo worried. His life as a movie because of us---SLEEPLESS IN PASIG.

JOSH----a new member in my list. He is the confident type. He said that he used to be a varsity player of volleyball and basketball in elementary, a scholar in Valenzuela City Science High School, and a part time model in PUP in college.---his life as a movie---WHAT WENT WRONG?

ABBY---a former friend who is a testament of a failed relationship and a constant reminder of the value of letting go.I added her here not to have my avenge but as they said, the greatest thing you can have in a relationship is not the promise of permanence but the learning that you get when it fails. You see, she got all of these fabricated stories that you are not sure anymore if it exists. Everyday, she would emotionally torture us with her stories of struggles and misfortunes of the imaginary people around her whom we have never known----her life's title---A NEVER ENDING SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS.

TERESA----my girlfriend who painstakingly stayed with me for 7 years and 7 months despite the constant threat of a breakup.---her life as movie- THE PATIENT.......not that he is sick, but because I admire her patience for a seemingly impossible and hard to please person that I am sometimes.

......of course I can't just get away with it. Since I am very playful and usually say crazy remarks about people. They all agree that if my life is a movie it will be entitled----KARMA.
well, maybe Confucius is right after all........kkk


  1. I am so glad you don't know me... if you do, it will make me think what movie my life will be! Hahaha!

  2. hahaha! nakakarelate ako kay marvin. affected din ako kapag may nagbabadyang break-up sa tropahan..ahaha!

    wow...sana magtagal pa kayo ni teresa. bihira na ang ganyang katagal na relationship.

    karma? hmmm.. good or bad karma? ahahaha! anyways, im fine. all is well... hehe! thanks. kaw? thanks for constantly dropping by. ciao!

  3. karma. so true. so true.

  4. di ka naniniwala na 27 lang si abs??? HAHAHA, jk

    you know i kept calling her ate during my power1 heydays, but she always said to me to drop the idea of addressing her that....

    i did, and i felt SOOOO awkward, you know it when your instinct is telling you there's something that's not quite right.....

    si lola tlaga, hahaha shhhhh....

  5. Ive just read abt ur post with that package from Korea thingy. nice.

  6. LOL, bat di mo kami sinama nila michelle? You used to call us Desperate Housewives, well movie na siya ngayon diba? hahaha!

  7. Kuya Joven---uo nga. Now you are giving me an idea. Anu na uli YM mo? I wanna know u more para magawan kita title.kkk.joke

    Bryan---para kanino yung querida? Sayo o kay kuya Joven?

    Ron---Mr affected karin pala.

  8. Prinsesa Musang---karma daw kasi wala na inimprove face ko dahil sa karma.

    Alex---sinabi mo pa. Everybody feels the same as you do everytime she do that. Nakiki-mommy pa nga sya kay mami Vivien. kkk

  9. Kris---thanks, want some KIM? padala ko dyan sa UK...he he

    Marissa---yeah, I forgot. Uo nga , the famous DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. I still remember the 2 of you talking about that every break time.kkk

  10. tingin ko ang dapat na title ay "karmalicious". hehehe...

  11. aysus, my friends are also good at this! ang pikon ay talo sa ganito. ;)

  12. The DONG----masyado atang pa-sweet ang karmalicious. My friends wants to hit back BIG time so talagang ganun lang daw talaga---KARMA.kkk

    Chyng--- never pa naman akong naasar so far sa awa ng DIYOS. I'm always on top of the game naman.kkk

  13. hehehehe...

    no comment na lang me.... heheheheh...

    bsta alam u naman kung saan me...

  14. Marvin---you are really self-spoken. That's another s added to your profile. Isang s nalang kulang---yung may x sa huli at e sa gitna.kkk

  15. you're so creative hahaha..

    alex,i was once told also the same thing..i just can't believe i'm older than her hahaha..


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