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Filipinos are omnipresent.......

With so many
social networking websites
I appreciate friendship.
Not so much on the
because I think there are
more superior sites
in that aspect but more the
fact that as a FILIPINO,
it is very convenient to use.

I started my campaign of connecting to old friends and former classmates a month ago and I think I am doing perfectly well so far. It is because FRIENDSTER has become a household name in the Philippines. According to last count, there are 9 million friendster users in the Philippines alone. And the number is growing every minute. So if you are hunting somebody in the Philippines,That means convenience.....

I also happen to have a BRITISH friend working in Korea who I met in BORACAY last February and we keep sending messages through this site every now and then as if we are not connected via SKYPE of YM.kkk. And I was so entertained by what he said last week.....

The beaches in Korea are a unique experience. Firstly, did you know 1% of Koreans can swim?
That is why there were so many yellow tubes.
Then we weren't allowed to swim out as far
that the water would reach our chests.
This one Filipino guy tried it,
then the lifeguard (who also can't swim)
began blowing his whistle frantically.
He waded over to him and started choking him and in the end,
it was the lifeguard who had to be saved by the PINOY haha.
The only good thing about it is that
there are thousands of beautiful Korean's there.
Haeundae beach is only famous for that.
The beach is dirty and the sea too.
But it is a nice experience sometimes
to go there even though it is usually crazy haha.
So how is everything in Manila? Hope you are doing good.
Take care,


It's fun to know new things.
And it is more fun to know that
PINOYS are everywhere and
that they are PASAWAY anywhere they go.kkkk


  1. hahahaha! those were interesting pics. in tokyo, most pinoys are still pasaway as you say during pinoy gathering, but are usually conscientious when out in public.

  2. HAHAHAHAAHAHA, that was entertaining....and informative na ren...thanks for sharing it Antonio...

  3. nice thoughts...about social networking sites.

    very interesting...

  4. Caryn--it's your first visit here. Thanks. Yeah, I agree, makulit lang talaga pinoy minsan....

    marissa---your welcome po.

  5. Wandering commuter---thanks also for dropping by. Hope to see you around more often.....

  6. just like what they say, you're not a filipino if you don't have a friendster account. haha!

  7. korea's beach is interesting... hmmm... parang bagay ako dun...

  8. Allen---I kinda agree.I heard that it is also gaining popularity in other countries in SEA. I hope it could a bridge to gap the cultural and religoius divide among our MALAY/ Southeast Asian brothers......

  9. Alex----Medyo diry nga tignan yung sand then dami pa tao......

    Gillboard---mukhang me balak ka ata pumunta KOREA.

  10. heavy load ha! at naloka ako na 99% sa mga kimchi na un ay di marunong lumangoy.. hmmmm... pano na ung crush na Koreano! coz am planning to invite him to go swimming.. Chos! hihihi.. vi-a-v! ;)


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