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should we ban boxing?

Some critics call it
"a form of legalized attempted murder."
and with it came many forms of
fight sports like the UFC which I think is more violent.

Just look what boxing can do...........

But with players as sweet as these, maybe people would have second thoughts whether to ban it or not. could be a game full of love after all.kkk


  1. ang kulet, but you know i always see boxing to be soooo barbaric

  2. hahah..the 2nd video is funny! :D guess both of them got shocked!

  3. ahehehe...i doubt ma mababan boxing dito. sa olympics nga official to eh..hehe! very regulated and considered as an official sports. walang pikunan! ahaha!

  4. i personally think boxing is too violent, specially kick boxing~ :(

  5. the dong---human relationships are always complicated.....

    Alex----I agree sometimes. But there are more barbaric Sports now.

    Kris---I didn't get it at first. Now, reminds me of the mountain. You are so matalinghaga.kkk

  6. Liz---yeah, looks like a very spontaneous reaction. They enjyed it.kkk

    Ron---lumalabas na naman pagiging sadista mo ha.kkk

  7. dazedblu---good that you enjoyed it.

    and FROG---I can't agree more. Is kickboxing already popular in Malaysia? I hope it doesn't get popular here. I don't see any sense in the sport.....or is it a sport after all?

  8. hahahah! my gradpa used to say that boxing was a gentleman's sport and he was proud that he used to box at uni. i remember sitting on his lap while he watched matches, pretending i was interested because it was so fun to watch him get riled up at the players ;-)


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