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CHANGI Airport.......

We left Manila for
Singapore 5am Saturday.Since we took Cebu Pacific, the terminal is the new one in Andrews Avenue. I was so excited to see it.To my disappointment,the lobby is small and plain and dark. Maybe they are saving on electricity.......or is it part of the facade, to emphasize the beams? Whatever it is, it was way below my expectations. It's close to a deserted building and it lacks drama.....
But it was clear day. As we heed south, a storm is a approaching Northern Luzon. Calm before the storm they say.

We were in Changi Airport after 3.5 hours. We docked in the budget terminal. I was shocked. I forgot that we were on a budget airline. But the airport is still better compared to Manila. I took several photos but the authorities are quick tell me taking pictures in certain areas is prohibited so I had to erase them. I managed to get a few on our way back.Pasaway.

I noticed many Indians working the airport.Their english is strange but I guess they are doing a fine job. Everything is organized. We took the bus (free) to the new Terminal (3) where our friends car is parked. Kala nila naka Singapore Airlines kami.kkk. . The airport complex is huge.

We went through mazes and corridors.........

Then came the big one>>>>>>Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3.

....from left---TERESA, Cristy and Alma---our friend our very kind host in Singapore.

The airport is a microcosm of Singapore itself, modernity blended in nature.
Teresa, who has been to Hongkong last year said that Changi is better than Chek Lap Kok Airport......

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Singapore. It's the start of a 3-day adventure of Antonio, the 27 year old travel-outside-the-Philippines virgin. Welcome aboard!!!


  1. Wow, have a good time!

    Changi is known to be one of the biggest and most beautiful airports in the world. I'm looking forward to going to Singapore next summer, as soon as I finish getting that darn passport.

  2. ANTON!!!!!!!!


    now i realize more i don't have a life


  3. coooooooool! i love the architectural interior aesthetic of the terminal :) Changi right? whenever i hear that word Flor Contemplacion pops in my head... creepy! bet you had a great time there :)


    thanks for commenting :) well, hindi pa ako nakakakita ng multo, and i don't even dream of seeing one. even the possibility that such entities exist scares me... whether they're beutiful or not. so have you seen one?

  4. Whew, welcome back to Manila XD

    Thanks fer the complimenst btw, actually if yer with us, lots and lots of gossips are at stake on a daily basis, this is somethign tht i'll surely by the end of this year.

    My stay in Summit is due in 12-2007 :( sad. But I'm hoping tht wouldn't be my last spree at SB.

  5. The airport sure look beautiful. A bit surprised some areas are off limit for camera. Security reason? Pity I didn't have the chance to use the airport. I visited Singapore by crossing the causeway from Johor Bahru.

    By the way, I don't own a ship, just that I work in a shipping company :)

  6. oh~ so how was the trip? hope to read it soon~ :P

  7. Cool!!

    have an enjoyable trip! ;)

    and give the new airport some time to improve. it's still new anyway. ;)

  8. Thank You For the Link.

    WOW. I always wondered what the big fuss was about around Changi Airport.

    It's so beautiful.

    imagine if NAIA was like that..

  9. syeeettt... borderless travel na. burger naman jan! haha.

    heard so much about singapore. kesyo small place lang sya but jampacked with modern structures and facilities.


  10. pls write in detail yung itinerary nio ha. gawin kong guide for our nxt trip! ;)


  11. nice shots.. ;)

    wish i can go there soooon. :D

    my dad works there. but i still dont want to leave the country. hehe.

    just hopping! =)

  12. now that you've been devirginated with travel, i propose a toast!

    enjoy changi while it lasts... hongkokng is building a newer terminal that will blow changi away...

    the beijing airport is much bigger and more architecturally captivationg but shopping and leisure in changi is truly unbeatable!

  13. hi there!..looking forward for more of your globetrotting :)

    i was there for a day in singapore (may 2000) and planning to stay for another day or two since bitin ung last time..small country but lots to explore..

    see u again:)

  14. kat----go there. i am sure you will enjoy it. Changi is realy beautiful.

    Alex---kasi, anu ginagawa ng mga money(s) mo. Pakinabanagan na yan!!!kkk

    RON---funny we talked about flor. I said sarah balabagan pero Flor ngapala. I was wrong. Nawala na sa isip ko. If you go to Singapore, you will see how everything is in order. And you will understand why...

  15. dazedblu--Ley, thanks. Nways, gossip is your life there. And gossip could be good. Wag lang yung basta basta tsismis ha, yung nakakasira na buhay iba.

  16. falcon---Johor Bahru.? I think it sounds familiar. We excited Singapore the first day to eat in a seaside restaurant in Malaysia. Is the way through TUAS Checkpoint?

    frog---I will, thanks.

    liz---nice point. I will. And actually, I also thought of that.

  17. Mathew---thanks for dropping by again. really, really is beautiful.

    Islander---correct. pyesta mata mo. espeacially fi you go on foot. i thought ganun lang. But there are alot of interesting places. Bitin talaga 3 days namin....

    Chyng---at talagang balk. Kelan Chyng? balak din us HK Macau next year pag nakaluwag sa responsibilities....

  18. vanny---easy pala for you to go there, visit lang. You don't have to force yourself to work there. But be careful, when you get there, you mi8ght be seduced by the city and have second thoughts of staying.

    spoolartist. ---Talaga kuya Loven. Talagang wala sila magawa sa pera nila no? With us, we don't have much to start with. The travel made me realize a lot of things

    Josh---bitin talaga pag 1 day lang. Samin nga 3 days bitin pa...

  19. wow. talagang travel photo blogger ka na. welcome to the club. tagal ko na di napunta singapore, hope to go there soon. ingats lagi.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. hey,ive been expecting for this post..moooorrrreee!
    it seems like tere has a lot of bitterness here in HK (^-^)..but i agree with you,changi is one of the best airports in the to HKIA..hahaha!
    yes,world tour 'to...

  22. lawstude---oik lang yun. welcome back.and as I always say----hope to see you more often.....

    yang photo blogging---trip lang----salingPUSA diba?kkk

  23. Leri---hintayin mo kami dyan next year---balita ko me bago daw ginagawa airport dyan e.....gusto kong makita ang Victoria Harbour.....

  24. nice! and i noticed how cool your footwears are.

    and did you do a kj pose in singa?

  25. really nice photos! changi is one of the nicest i've been to ;-)

  26. OMG---no kris, I did not. Sorry. The 2 big pimples in my forehead the week before goin there finally decided to form a constellation so all my pics are not close ups. Wl ako gana mag-papicture so most of the time yung mga kasama ko and views kinuhanan ko.....kkk

  27. caryn---thanks for dropping by again.....galing kana rin pala Singapore. You've been to many places na talaga.....

  28. So happy that you have been deflowered :P Enjoy your trip!

  29. this time, Changi airport is the best airport and the most modern airport in the world. Terminal 3 is soooo damn amazing.


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