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a taste of MALAYSIA...........

our first day in Singapore proved to be very tiring.
Had my online classes Friday night in Manila
until 12:30 am Saturday. And since I am very excited
for my first trip outside the country, I didn't sleep at all.
After the airport, we went straight to our friends
apartment in SIGNATURE PART----
......that's somewhere in TOH TUCK Rd. whatever. The Street
names are either Chinese or Malay sounding so it's very difficult
to memorize at least 10 of them.......

Rested for a while, shower.then we were off. The first destination-MALAYSIA. Yeah. We want as many stamps as possible in our passports so we thought of crossing the boarder. We left the apartment 5:30pm. The exit point is TUAS. It say TUAS checkpoint so I guess that's the name of the place. I am so busy looking around I didn't bother to ask.kkk

The traffic near the bridge/ boarder was heavy so it was a bit dark when we got to the other side.

It's the country. Oh, I love the country. Our first stop was in this small place with a couple of restaurants and restrooms.

We opted the restrooms.

We had to leave soon. I found out later that we are there to eat in a seaside/ seafood restaurant kinda thing. It's an hour ride through wide roads and very few houses. If I may add, even if the surrounding is all trees, there are many fly-overs leading to I don't know where. It's my first time to see fly-overs in the countryside. They have a lot of money to spare. I now realized what others mean when they say we lack infrastructure in the Philippines, even in Manila itself. So, there. After an hour or so, we were in the restaurant. It's dark.

That's not the restaurant. They said they serve Malaysian cuisine there so we moved to the other resto which serves Chinese thingy. They call it RESTORAN MAKANANA LAUT. I donno what it means. It's somewhere in Adang, Gelang Patah, Johor. I know because I asked for a business card......

They ordered many things. Was not able to take pictures though coz Our friends Alma and Raquel are with their Norwegian and Malaysian husbands respectively. The food is a bit spicy. People have head scarf. They speak a strange language and the music in the airwaves is MALAYSIAN. Good. Because if not, I might think that I am still in the Philippines eating some shrimps in my hometown.

We were not able to buy any souvenir whatever because Alma said the shopping malls are in the other exit point.

Good thing TERESA and I didn't drink our cola that time. They now serve as a memento and our fist collection of canned drinks from other countries.They are cheap so they are easy to collect.More realistic...haha.terima kasih.


  1. wow..that's 2 countries in a row..
    yeah, u cant help but feel bad how our neighboring countries progressing a lot and leaving us far far behind..from the airport to the roads and fly-overs!!!kasi sa atin,sobrang garapal mga in position..sorry for my word!!

  2. i think, Philippines is way more interesting than both Singapore, and Malaysia

  3. syeettt ang gara... parang nagbabaclaran lang. o kaya nagkukusina lang. haha.

    pareho pa kayo ng heading ng post ni dong. a taste of... sa kanya NAGA.

    mura lang ba magsingapore at malaysia?

  4. ang saya saya saya!!!

    mag ta travel din ako pero next year na

    ang saya ng adventure niyo

  5. i also have a special can of coke zero from korea. a friend of mine who works at coke gave it to me.

  6. restoran makanan laut means seafood restaurant :D and all those fly over was probably the highway. If you go beyond those bushes or tress, you'll only find bumpy soiled roads. Oh Well, i think Phillipine is interesting too~ just that most people will think other countries are better... like how i like thailand~ :P

  7. Nicely documented SP, I thought you need a visa to go to Malaysia?

    anw, dont you just feel annoyed that you dont know really know "where your taxes DID go"?

  8. Lery--laging ngang bukang bibig yan nung kasabay namin na friend na pumunta Singapore everytime nasa car or taxi or metro kami....nakakapanghinayang minsan.....

  9. Arry---thanks so much for the kind words, but you see, there's a lot of things to improve here......I still love my country though. I was just thinking maybe we have a thing or two to learn from them...........I hope to go to Indonesia next time. Too bad we didn't have time to take the ferry from Singapore to the nearest Indonesian Island. Must have been fun----

  10. islander---diko lam yun ha---honestly. Ok lang namn. Pag me 30 k ka ok na.....sabay ka kay Alex pag pumunta sya.kkk

    Alex---san ba balak u? punta us HK next year----pero mid next yera na ha. panu Corrigedor natin?

  11. Dong---pareho daw us blog title this day sabi ni JP---at mukhang pareho din us collection.kkk

    Ley--thanks. asan na?? we are waiting

  12. FROG---thanks for the info---what about the Philippines frog? been here?

    Kris--thanks. I guess they don't need it. I donno before. Bwt the taxes and everything. masasabi ko lang----kaya nga e....

  13. pwede ka ring tumawid by ferry sa bintan, indonesia! 1 hour lang... so 3 countries ka kung sakali!

    enjoy malaysia and singpore!

  14. wow.. naman.. nag country hopping kayo.. mayaman.. hahah.. salamat sa pagdaan.. yung aking work? ayun.. palamunin.. joke..

  15. Hey ure in Malaysia? I am now in Malaysia too! I am in Sunny Penang Island! If you're here, gimme a buzz, I'll be flying back to Singapore on the erm 17th of Oct! Enjoy your trip!

  16. Spoolartist---sayng nga e---nasa Pinas na us. 3days lang kami. Bitin nga e. Balak talaga namin ferry, sa may Sentosa area yung ferry e. Kaso wala na time.

    Our friend said the ferry leaves in the morning and goes back sometime 5 pm. Bitin na kami sa oras. Better luck next time.

  17. nahj12---kaya yan. I am sure you will find one soon.

  18. MischMensch----alo---sorry. I am back in Manila now. It's very nice of you to say that. Appreciate it. Hope we can meet one time....

  19. mabilis lang ang biyahe papuntang Singapore no... parang ang sarap tuloy pumunta... T_T...


    thanks for commentin :) yeah. there's something in her that i can't explain. hindi nakakasawa tignan kumbaga... :)

  20. yeah---3.5 hours. That is if you don't count the hour of waiting in the airport.go Ron, go.


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