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SERBIS WINS International Recognition......


Brillante Mendoza's Serbis won the Best Director and Best Actress awards (for Gina Pareño) in the Pacific Meredian International Film Festival of Asian-Pacific Countries held in Vladivostok, Russia last Sept. 13 to 19. Director Mendoza attended the festival to accept the awards.


>>>>kudos to all the people
involved in the film.
Kudos to us all Filipinos!!!

for the full story below

LATEST NEWS: Serbis won the Golden Kinnaree Award in the Southeast Asian competition at the Bangkok IFF.......2 MORE won recognition.


  1. gina pareño ulit? sobrang galing talaga.

  2. wow, i haven't heard of this movie yet, but I'm sure it's another fantastic one. Now, if only it can go as far as the Academy Awards... at sana available din sa pirated dvd version... hehehe, walang sinehan dito sa Siem Reap!!! grrrr.

  3. pansin ko lang... yung mga movie na may mga sensitive themes ang karaniwang naghahakot ng mga awards no? i mean there was TORO, and the others... i love Gina Pareno!

    one of my favorite actresses :)

    hindi ko pa to napapanood. hehe

  4. what a proud moment for filipino cinema.

    sorry for not visiting sooner. just had a weeklong vacation and the work just piled-up. i'll catch-up on my readings/blog-hops once my sched returns to normal. have a nice day friend.

  5. i've read about this and am mega happy for SERBIS! Mabuhay talaga! So proud! Wew! ;)

  6. I'm not sure if this really a good film, coz there's thsi rave before tht it was such a nuts... but then Congrats for the win! XD

  7. dong---talagang magaling PINOY.agree.


    Islander----she is good.really good

  8. spoolartist---kuya LOVEN ha---pirated. kekeke. di u rin maeenjoy pag ganun.

    Ron---nice observation. yeah, sensitive yung mga stories and scenes kamo kaya mas challenging sa mga actors....hope they could diversify though

  9. lawstude---it is therefore the right time to rally our support to locally produced films. maybe the revival of the golden years in Pinoy Cine is coming.

    Bena---did you watch it na?

    Ley---we are still happy for their achievemnet ayt?

  10. ive seen this movie with a friend. and we couldnt help but to be in awe after watching it. very pinoy, very realistic. now im thinkin of making a review but its too late, i think.


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