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disco at the CHIJMES ....

We heed back to the Island state
after the tasteful seafood dinner
in Johor. The girls retouched
and had a few shots of tequila
before going out for disco.
Our friends in Singapore are
very fond of discos, it's their life.
By this time,
I am slowly becoming more
and more aware that I am the
only man in the group.
Anyways, all of them are
married and me and
Teresa are the only ones single.
Never mind..........

Our destination is $13 away,
somewhere in Victoria Street, the CHIJMES......


It's a complex of convent buildings with a Gothic-style chapel.It used to be a Catholic convent for 131 years. This place is now a popular dining, shopping and entertainment site. CHIJMES Hall, the restored chapel, provides a breath-taking backdrop for musicals, recitals, theatrical performances and weddings.

A very cozy place. I noticed that there many Europeans hanging out, drinking in the underground while football is being shown in big projector screens.

We entered a bar named INSOMNIA....

Big crowd in such a small space. Live band. Good music, mostly disco and rock music. What do I know about music? Well, most of the songs are popular, after all, I found out later that the 2 bands are all composed of Filipinos. I guess Filipinos are really the world's entertainers. I don't mean to say this in a bad way. I just thought Filipinos are very talented that you can see them everywhere. Even in the dance floor. Boy, there are many FLIPS in the club. Some are with foreigners, some, just bystanders ......

Heineken costs $13 each, (429 pesos)yah yah. I donno if that is expensive in Singaporean standards. For me it is. Had 3 before they could force me to the dance floor. After that, it's history. I don't usually dance because I mess up. But I danced all my worries away that night and it feels good. We got exhausted at 3am but the girls still look good.....

...our friends. From L....Jukiet, Raquel, our host, ALMA, ( all 3 are married to foreigners and are now residing in Singapore), Cristy, who traveled with us from Manila, and my girl TERESA. I am the photographer.kkeke


....was a fascinating Saturday. On our way home, I noticed that there are many intersting buildings along the way. They are well maintained and well lit at such time of the day. Hope we can do that in Manila. I talked to the taxi driver (they call them uncle, equivalent to manong in the Phils.) who fashions a Chinese brand of English. Cool. I learned a couple of things from him like why there are 7 colors of taxis in Singapore and other small stuffs. He even mentioned that he has been to the Philippines couple of times, Baguio, Batangas and MAKATI which he describes as terrible. Well, uncle, that's the best we have so far..............


  1. haha natawa ko ke uncle...

    anyways naging party boy ka pala sa singapore ok ah

    and the club looks like disney castle ang cute!

  2. wow... the CHIJMES. ang ganda nga lalo na kapag gabi because of the orange glow of lights that made the buildings look majestic :)

    talaga? uncle? ma-try nga dito sa pinas yun! hahaha! "uncle, bayad po!" hahaha!

    magaling talaga ang pinoy lalo na sa performing arts. hanga talaga ako kay charice. i mean nakaduet niya si celine. hehehe! bakit nasingit si charice? :P

  3. Nice. Didn't manage to explore CHIJMES in my last visit. Running out of time.

  4. ka na rin sa photography friend..keep it up..

  5. i have been to johor but i really have very limited memory of the place. i think i still had a hang-over from singapore partying scene the night before and i just wanted to have another copuntry stamped on my passport so i took the ride.

    i would love to go back there sober.

  6. alex---it's actually more polite sounding with the Chinese accent thingy...they are malambing----

  7. RON--it is really majestic. Try the uncle thing with Chinese accent para mas sweet.

    FALCON---how long did you stay in Singapore?

  8. Lery---how I wish I am. Parang sarap maging photographer. You can go to different places because of your work....

  9. Chyng---at talaga nag-note taking.kelan ba lipad?

    Lawstude---we have the same reasons for crossing boarder to Malaysia pala.eafood is just a bonus. The stamp is more important.kekeke. yeah, try to go there na nasa katinuan ka ha. peace.

  10. inspiration? hmmm... nothing in particular. siguro may pinaghuhugutan lang ako ng emosyon ang i try to take advantage of it and translate them into words. :)

    waaa! SAW! yan ang pelikulang gusto kong mapanood but i can't help but feel uncomfortable while watching it, hanggang sa matapos na! haha!

    hmmm... i won't condiser myself awide reader kasi iilan pa lang ang nababasa kong libro at natapos ko. exclude mo yung medical books. hehehe! siguro my writing is more influenced by movies i watch and songs i listen to... :)

    pano ba Chinese accent ng 'uncle'? hehehe!

    thanks alot, mate:)

  11. kuya Boomz---yun, medyo. Basta goal namin makarating sa ibang lupalod. It turned out well naman.

  12. Ron---mukhang napakalalim ng pinaghuhugutan u a...sana me mahanap din ako ganyan. Maybe I have to look deeper.

  13. I was there for 4 days. Too many places to go.

  14. yeah---I think 4 days is not enough---you thought it was a small city but there's so much in store in every corner. Too bad we were there for only 3 days. But it was fun and memorable....

  15. galing! you've been to places that i haven't seen when i was in singapore! thanks for the post... will definitely explore this place next time!

    i'm glad you had fun with the girls and with uncle! cheers!

  16. kuya Loven---now you have ideas.keke. had more fun with uncle than the

  17. and why did uncle say Makati is terrible?


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