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lets show the world that we can..........


pause first.
let's do some promotion.
para sa bansa
this news caught my attention
today and I hope I
could reach some people
to mind.....

The Department of Tourism (DOT reported today that the country’s four candidates to the new seven wonders of nature contest are again showing up a good fight.

Tourism Secretary Joseph Ace Durano said that after dropping out of the top 20 last month, the Philippine nominees are now in the top 11 on the live online ranking among nominees from around the world

>>>>full story here.


...let's show them we can do it!!!


  1. you CAN, Pinoys !! Surely u can !

  2. OH! totally forgotten about that! When will they finalized it ya? it has been going on for a very long time!

    it is however very hard to choose from so many interesting places!!

  3. And to think, we have so much more to offer. We are definitely fortunate to have natural beauty here.

    Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations

  4. Thanks Arry---really surprising to have you as the 1st to comment on this one because you are from Indonesia---and you have a lot of interesting places there too. Such a vast and diverse country.

  5. Alex---be sure to chat and email all your friends okay. I already sent messages to all my friendster members.kkk

  6. frog---very surprising to note that you are Malaysian and Arry is Indonesian, but you are the ones who commented first on this one....

  7. russelltehri ---thanks for the support. agree with you. Opened your site. lavit!!!

  8. I remember I voted for them... I used 3 computers so that we'll have more votes. lol.

  9. Pinoys can!

    Tapos na akong bumoto... I hope lahat makapasok...

  10. Oh tht's nice to hear?!? hehe XD Well wish us the best of g'luck :)

  11. Kris---ginamit ko rin 2 email ko. tagalugin ko para di nila maintindihan---keke

    Richard---thanks for the support

    Ley---let's keep our finger...busy for


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