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GREEN everywhere.......

taking a bus ride for 6 hours
could mean fun or torture
depending on which perspective
you take or who you are with.....

But if your hometown is in westernmost tip of Pangasinan, you don't have any choice but to enjoy the ride. There is no domestic airport nearby. Good thing air conditioned buses are common these days. In this case, I go home on twice a year, usually during summer vacation and Christmas break so as not to impose a lot of violence to myself. It is therefore rare for me to go home during this time of the year. But since Josh is away in BORACAY for the KOREAN harvest festival and Teresa and I don't know where to go, we decided to just go back to our beloved ANDA.

Definitely not a good time to to go on a remote place like ANDA during this time coz it usually rains in the afternoon but if you are after the view, this is definitely the best time of the year. IT"S GREEN EVERYWHERE. Aside from that, no queues, half empty buses, cold evenings and very fresh air......


Be ready to get yourself wet and muddy thought. Had to walk a few kilometers to get to our house in the other barangay. Well, can take the tricycle but we preferred to walk. Fun to get dirty sometimes.

This is the panoramic view just a few meters from our house....

looks lie a small valley. I used to sit there at night imagining things and drafting my dreams with the stars and moon above.
I can't stop TERESA from taking advantage of the view....... in my case, my pimples really formed a constellation so a far shot in a darker place would be a better strategy. Or maybe, better stay away from the camera. That would be better. kekeke


  1. wow! pumunta ka pala ng pangasinan... dyan din ang probinsya namin! hays... i just miss the province! ang sarap ng hangin and the the soooooooo green fields... hays... napakasimple pa ng pamumuhay :)

    so you're back in the city na pala :) tapos na choseok eh.. hehe!

    i love he pics! yung bagong cam gamit mo noh? ang ganda ng resolution eh.. hehehe! i love the one with a dead tree, at yung isa pang may puno na may lake! brilliant!


  2. ang ganda ng place anton!

    sana nakasama ko!

    nice cam pics!!! me napuntahan ang impulse buying hehe, ako di ko pa rin nagagamit sa photoblog ung cam ko

  3. Well, ang ganda talaga sa probinsya...

    Hehe :) Kaya na atat na akong umuwi ng Mindoro e... this vacation.. Hehe! :)

  4. you make me miss my i'm dying to go home,malapit na..
    nice refreshing!

  5. you are always able to take good shots. really nice view of the paddy field, which remind me of my hometown too..

    btw, galway welcomes u all the time! ;) if u happen to come here, jz leave me a msg. shall tour u around. ;) really!

  6. hey anton, i love the freshness and greenness of your pics! is that from you new camera already?

    sarap namang magbakasyon dyan!

  7. I really like the green and serene surrounding. Nice place to unwind

  8. how are the pimples? pag-uwe ko, andame ko din take home. pimples at sunburn! hapdi!

  9. I liked the pics. Would be nice to spend a good two weeks vacation in Anda.

  10. ka inggit nman sarap talaga sa probinsya.. sarap langhapin ang simoy ng hangin! hmmmm hehheheh

  11. wow! the fourth photo is my favorite in this set.

    i've been to pangasinan just once but i like the place. the mixture of the sea and the green hills is beautiful.

    nice title for this post as you are also wearing green.

  12. Wow those greeneries are so good for my eyesights now! XD Though there are nothing much on a plain field, but photos taken from there can be photogenic too! The different green tones are just perfect for photography.

  13. nakapunta na me sa pangasinan at sa bolo ba yon? di ko alam once lang kasi me pumunta dun..

    papuntang 100 isalnd kami nun may dinaanan lang.. so green nga hehehe

  14. I miss the rural life!

    I am a city boy, but as a child, I had the opportunity to ride carabaos is my grandfather's farm and swim in the nearby river.

    ...and which, sadly, kids nowadays don't normally experience.


  15. sama ulit ako jan ah...

    kelan tau punta hongkong?


    matutuloy ba tau?

  16. RON----San kana uli Pangasinan? Diko na matandaan.

    Alex---sama ka next time. that is---kung dika busy.

    Richard---I heard that Mindoro is also very beautiful. Gabi kasi nung dumaan kami tru RORO. Lam mo til now dipako nakapunta Puerto Galera-grabe no?

    Leri---yun nga---gusto ko rin punta inyo at kuhanan yung mga windmills near the beach. lapit naba yun sa inyo?

  17. frog---ya---I hope you can also show us pics of your hometown.

    liz---I hope I could also see your hometown one time. did you post it before?

    Kuya LOVEN---thanks. uo. produkto na yan nung GE camera. Di nga lang masyado bihasa yung gumagamit.kkk

    Falcon---really a nice place to get lost.kkk

  18. saling pusa: taga san carlo kami :)


    gosh, ikaw lang yata nakakuha ng joke ko about being an adulterer. now people think i'm really one! hahaha! yeah. im really not in a hurry and conform with the society forces me to do...

    and having kids is way far from my priorities at this time... hehehe!

  19. hays... siguro smoking ang hindi ko talaga magagawa! hahahaha! ahhh... madali ka tamaan??? ok lang yun... minsan lang talaga ako uminom

    peace out!)

  20. Chyng---lumala-now it's official. I have a breakout.waaaahhhh. pasaway tong mga pimples na to.

    Marissa--yeah--but more than that, medyo sakit na sa panga.

    Boomz---dyan ata puro buhangin no?

    DONG--thanks. I think Western Pangasinan is a good place. Pero cetral and nope. Eastern.Okay rin with the hills....

  21. Eunice---agree. By the way, I think you've never been to the Philippines ayt? Please try it one time......

    Ice---mukhang walang ganun place.ewan ko lang sa name ng Barangay ha.

    eto yung mga dadaanan on the way to 100 islands. Bugallon, Sual, Alaminos, Aguilar, Mangatarem. any?

    Jake---where is your grandfathers farm? so you know the joy of being young and being in the country.

    Marvz---dinga---mid next year na ha. marami pa kailangan pagkagastusan early next year.kkk. lets keep our fingers crossed.

  22. wow greenfields. aylayket...
    nagpophotography ka na rin ngayon ha. haha. good takes... at good narratives. galing mong magsulat. pakiskis naman ng kuko. haha.

    i love provincial life. peaceful and simple.

  23. ang sarap talaga ng country side ng Pinas.. very "innocent" looking.. nakakamiss.

  24. ang ganda ng pagkakakuha ng mga pictures ton! wow talaga! hayy.. nakakamiss ung probinsya.. Parang gusto ko ring umuwi at magbakasyon ng todo! at very relaxing sa sight ung mga photos mo ha.. may talent ka pala sa photography ton! congrats! ;)

  25. JP---inspired kasi me sa mga photo bloggers---like u---idol. paburger ka naman....

    Kris---have you tried living in a remote place in the Phils?

  26. tutubi---thanks for the visit agaimn. I agree with you.

    Bena---sa CEBU city proper kanaba lumaki? dami rin remote places dyan diba?

  27. Wow, your hometown looks so rural and relaxing and peaceful. I love the eight picture.

  28. S^Pusa di marami buhangin nakikita dito tangke ni saddam na sira na at mga mabagong sasakyang pang digmaan ng mga amerkano ang marami dito heheheh

  29. cat--thanks. it really is rural and peaceful.

    Boomz--mukhang kung pupunta ako dyan mamimiss ko mga damu---


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