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the salingPUSA choice.....

one of the qualifications for
you to be able to vote in
this years Philippne Blog Award
is that you are supposed to be a blogger.
Nice, nice. I am one. So I
want to salingPUSA again and vote....


my choice is.................

lagalog ------------click, click.

I don't know this blogger personally. And nobody requested me to vote for him. I have been around for only a few months but it has only been 2 weeks since I came across his blog. It's amazing. His pictures are beyond my limited vocabulary but one thing I know is that each picture is masterpiece and with it is a message, an emotion which takes you to another place and time......

I have always thought that the Philippines is indeed a very beautiful place. It's just that we don't have many good photographers around. We therefore don't give those beautiful places justice. Our postcards sucks. I don't know who took them. We need people like lagalog around. Hope dumami pa sila. kkk.

I am therefore voting for him him.....
and to lagalog
if you can read this,
thank you for inspiring me in many ways.......


  1. kabayan! salamat for the comment and the vote of confidence. each and every voice counts and i'm not one to take each one for granted. God bless!

  2. hays.. you're very right... his art is just mindblowing... :) akala ko maganda lang yung pictures pero his words fully describe kung ano yung kinuhanan niya..



  3. he's simply amazing...

    @ron: at talagang naiyak ka ha

  4. magaling talaga si Oggie, mabait at masayang kasama. sana ma meet nyo rin sya.

    i was lucky enough to have met such a good person.

  5. lagalog----I am very glad with my choice.....

    Ron---have you voted?

  6. Alex---kaw ha, you are teasing RON. my umiyak talaga yan.

    The dong---so, you know each other. Sana nga in the future. You are really lucky you met him na....

  7. congratulations sa lahat ng nanalo. Di man nanalo manok ko---I still believe in him. He deserve every recognition there is.....


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