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it also rains in PARADISE......

ever wondered how BORACAY
is like during rainy days?


My friend Josh was
there last week during the time
Teresa and I were in Pangasinan.....
I am therefore leaving you
with pictures of BORA courtesy of
this frustrated photographer
friend of mine......

This is JOSH------

I think his shots are good. Before I met him, I know nothing. I just point and click the shutter. Now, I know better. I got a few ideas from him. I am not saying that I am close to being a PRO but at least I know better. Lam mo na, SA GUBAT WALANG PAPEL>>>>>

as I was saying,
......whatever weather it is, BORACAY will always be BORACAY. A paradise.


  1. You know what... rainy days or "habagat season" is actually the best time to go to boracay... there are less people, meaning more space to lay on the sand, prices are waaayyy cheaper, service is actually good (since you are one of the few tourists around, everybody's attentive) and it's a perfect time to explore the other side of the island where the waters are still and clearer.

  2. the photos are soooo nice.. XD mind teaching me the techniques? heheh!

    the photos can be made into postcards, if without the dates ;)

  3. true. maganda pa rin sya kahit maulan oh. nothing's changed.

  4. Great nice..award-winning!keep it up...

  5. i agree with 'spool artist'... mas mura, at less crowded.. naulan nga lang. napaka-ironic kung umulan sa boracay noh? i love the picture...

    because it's so blue...

    and sad.

    peace out! :)

  6. wow i got some tips from spool artist! makapunta nga dun ng rainy days!

    in summer kase it's sooo crowded !

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  8. ganda naman ng mga pics ni josh...


    tinuruan ko lng yan panu kuha pics eh...


  9. Pangasinan....sounds familiar. In JAva language, it means...A place which is salty?

  10. i like the 1st, 3rd, and 4th picture! gagayahin ko yan pagbalik namen dun.. haha it also rained nung first time ko jan.. the place was still spectacular!

  11. kuya loven---I agree with you. 101%

    lz---I think the technique is to practice more. With the date, sorry I was not able to edit it. I don't have any photoshop editos as of the moment whatsover. I can't even open it with paint. poor me. next time.

    Falcon---alo--were here in Singapore now. This city is also very nice.....

  12. Islander---sabagay sabi nga nila, no sad place or sad weather. Only sad people. tama?

    Leri---give it up to JOSH. Dami pa nyang mga objections ha. Anyways, I know he likes it.kkk

    Ron---dyan ka na naman sa blue and sad mo ha. I thought you are going to change the mood a bit. Looks like you are enjoying being blue. peace

  13. i really hope that sky will be clear by the time i'm there next week.

    these photos are enticing.

  14. Islander---you always look at the positive things in life I guess. And that's good.

    Aquamarine---thanks to Josh Lery

    kmf---thanks for the visit---appreciate it.

  15. Alex----syempre try u muna yung crowded thingy. That's where the excitement is diba? makikita u, foreigners are everywhere. Ay, lam u na siguro yun. Malapait lang place u don e. Punta kanalang pala yung tipong nabagyo.kkkk

    rgapel---thanks for the offer, which is by the way, way way out of the topic. I will think about it.

    Marvz----diba balak u rin bili digital Marvz? go go go....

  16. nice. this really made me envy. never been in bora. =(

  17. Vanny---thanks for dropping by. Where do you live po if you don't mind...

  18. i go to boracay almost every week and yes it's true that the best time to go to boracay is actually during the rainy days. it is as if you own the island.

    one more thing, no algaes are forming during habagat on the shoreline because of the strong winds. so the waters are clearer.

  19. I heard boracay is still lovely even during the rainy season. been to most beaches in the philippines but never been to boracay :D


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