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my tribute to the TALENTED Charice Pempengco........

I thanked my friend
for posting an article
about Charice and Celine Dion
1. of his recognition for local talents.
2. I don't have to do a similar posting....

......sorry if I break the 2nd one.
I just can't help but admire
the awesome talent of this
YOUNG FILIPINA---she's really unstoppable!!!!

...she got another interview with Oprah lately and the queen of talk as well as Ellen are really a big help.

We owe it to the Koreans though. Her jaw dropping performance in Star King really opened a lot of opportunities for her. Way to go Charice!!!! The whole Filipino nation is rejoicing with you!!!!


  1. wow! im impressed. galing talaga ni charice.

  2. yes, impressed with the voice. pero come on she's 15. dressed up and act like one! hehe

  3. errr.....what does saling pusa means?

  4. yay!!!!

    i'm so proud of tha girl!

    i hope she'll keep being down to earh

  5. i really really hope she'll make it to the u.s music mainstream!

  6. the dong---she is---Thanks for also believing.....

    Chyng---nice point. Maybe because of her facial structure and the big voice. I donno if it addas up....

  7. Arry----SALI---menas join, PUSA means CAT. when you put them together though, the meaning become a bit odd. Can't find the exact translation in english though (anybody care to help me explain to our Indonesian friends?) means you join a particular group but you are not officially recognize as a member of it. things like that........

  8. christian----thanks man. I will check your blog as soon as I get back okay....bad enet connection na naman ako. bad, bad.....

    Alex---thanks for the continued support.....

  9. charice never stops to impress me, too:) ...esp when i found out that she's our not-so new neighbor..looking forward to meet her home then :)



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