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the Singapore Flyer............

Woke up late the 2nd day because
of the disco the night before.
We left the house the afternoon
after a sumptuous meal
in ALMA's residence.

Our first stop is LUCKY plaza in ORCHARD Road. Was surprised to see a lot of PINOYS there. Speaking in Tagalog, Bisaya, Ilocano. They come in groups. No surprise because a lot of stores in the mall are the ones where you can buy anything pinoy from bagoong to pancit canton to pocketbooks. Yes, the one's that my sister used to read when we were young. She would suddenly go missing only to find out that she was sobbing in one corner because of those love stories. Oh, we Filipinos love love stories don't we? Even in Singapore.

Orchard road is like Ayala Avenue in the Philippines. Interesting buildings, beautiful crowd.

...we also bought this CD-Josh Groban Awake Live, because my friend is a die hard and he want's a DVD with the mark--made in Singapore. It's almost 1,000 pesos. Guess I'm not the only one pathetic.keke.

Then we were off to see THE FLYER off Marina Centre.


the largest/ tallest
I have ever
tried is the one in
Enchanted Kingdom...........

The Singapore flyer is therefore a big source of excitement. Reaching 42 stories high, the Flyer comprises a 150 m (492 ft) diameter wheel, built over a three-story terminal building, giving it a total height of 165 m (541 ft). more info here

The ticket costs $29 ( 957 pesos) for a 15 minute ride. But it's worth it!!!!

We were so noisy inside. Other people might have the idea that we are Filipinos because we are known for that. kekeke.

Then again, I was busy taking pictures. The view was overwhelming.

Indeed a very good way of having a birds eye view of the main financial center. From here, the ESPLANADE and the MERLION PARK.....

.....and they are building a compliment to the downtown core's cityscape. It will look like this one's completed.

If you have a lot to spare, there is also a gift center where you can buy memento's.

...the Singapore flyer experience is really a thing to remember.


  1. wow very cosmopolitan nung place!!!

    wait for me next year singapore! haha but i'm still thinking of thailand...

  2. The ride is definitely worth it. Hope you bought some souvenir home there from the shop.

  3. did i mention i'm a josh groban fanatic too... hehehe! pero hindi pa ako nakakabili nung AWAKE LIVE :)

    nakasakay nako dun sa enchanted twice..hehehe! malapit lang nman yun dito samin. sobrang taas naman yan... it somehow reminded me of London's Millenium eye... kaya lang yun maraming capsules...

    enjoy the rest of your stay there :)

  4. oh, lucky plaza!! if we don't have enough money to go home to the philippines, we go to singapore to buy sardinas, century tuna and chippy from lucky plaza... hahaha.

    wow, love the amazing views from the singapore flier...

  5. im afraid of heights!

    ang crowded pala ng gapor i nterms of infrastractures..

    sino pala mga kasama mo sa trip?

  6. Alex---forget Thailand. Singapore muna.jok

    Marvz---salamat. nadalaw kapa

  7. falcon---yeah--I also saw your post on this one. and yes, I bought some souvenirs, the cheapest ones.kkk

    Ron---yeah, its taller than the eye of LONDON. pero diko lam na mas maraming capsules yun .

  8. waaa! talaga? mas mataas pa dun? hmmm... baka mas maraming capsules yan. mas mataas eh. hehehe!

    i'm everywhere??? hehehe! i love reading blogs! i'm more of a reader than a writer i think :)

  9. kuya loven---talaga? sosyalan namn yun. Sa Lucky Plaza kayo bili sardines???

    Chyng---Teresa--with the brown bag, Alma---our friend in Singapore in white shirt And the one with curly hair is Cristy--she flew with us from Manila.

  10. Ron---mukha nganag mabilis ka magsulat at magbasa.....what keeps you busy aside from blogging? aral kapa diba?

  11. I BEG TO DISAGREE!!! orchard road and ayala avenue is not the same! why? ayala avenue is not really a shopping destination!
    Manila's malls are scattered on so many places that comparing orchard to ayala avenue is a no-no. eastwood city would probably fit it better.

  12. Arry---you are in Singapore now, ayt? Have you tried?

    Puppet----I guess it was so reckless of me to say that Orchard Road is like Ayala Avenue. Maybe the Only thing that's in my mind that time is that orchard is the most famous road in Singapore and Ayala is in the Philippines.....

  13. Nice wht an exciting escapade ther, looks yew really had fun XD

  14. ley---we did. I am like a schoolboy on his first field trip. kekeke

  15. ahehe... what makes me busy? hmmm... a number of things. hehehehe!

  16. a big WOW! nice skyscrapers! nice urban place.

    die hard grobanite din pala friend mo. haha. i have a cd pasalubong from a friend bought from walmart. pa-touch ko sa kanya. hehehehe

  17. kakagaling lang namin dito nung Sunday night.

    ganda no? hehehe.

  18. Fortunately for us Filipinos, Singapore is visa free and it indeed offered us great things to explore and experience.


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