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Philippines not spared from MELAMINE......


while the rest of Asia is
taking this latest food scare from China
seriously, we here in the Philippines don't
seem to care.
Yeah, we were successful against
the bird flue and those contaminated toys.
But it doesn't mean that we have to
be complacent on this one.


MANILA (Reuters) - Two China-made milk products have been found to contain traces of melamine based on initial tests of 30 food products sold in the Philippines, health officials said on Friday.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque said 28 brands of candy, chocolate, yoghurt and powdered and liquid milk products would be delisted from a government ban after tests showed they were free of melamine, which had been added to milk in China to cheat in quality tests.

full story....


certainly not good news....let's be vigilant about this one and let's just drink MAGNOLIA milk, shall we?


  1. hays... nakakatakot sa tuloy uminom ng gatas. buti na lang hindi ako maxado ng-gagatas. hehehe! sa kape ako adik hehehe!

    thanks for dropping by :) pahinga ka lang. thanks! :)

  2. nako magkakape na lang ako!

  3. Can't trust the food we take nowadays

  4. Ron---me kabutihan din ang pagiging adik sa kape no? Sama nalang ku no prinsesamusang. Mukhang me follower kana.


  5. Falcon---true, no logger which is safe and which is not. The important thing I guess is to be more cautious

    Dong---opportune time to support local dairy products ayt?.


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