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Ateneo, UP rise in 2008 world university rankings.....

got the news from my
friend MARVIN
who is now blogging on his
own, something
that I love
co'z we share a lot
of interests on
general info and
national pride.......

And it sure is something to cheer about......


Two local universities, the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) and the University of the Philippines (UP), saw their rankings rise in The Times Higher Education - QS (THE-QS) World University Rankings 2008, a leading global ranking of higher education institutions.

In the overall rankings released Monday, Ateneo rose from number 451 in 2007 to number 254 this year, while UP rose from 398 last year to 276.

The THE-QS World University Rankings are based on data gathered in the following categories: peer academic review, recruiter review, international faculty ratio, international student ratio, student-faculty ratio, and research citations per faculty.

Ateneo had an overall score of 48.0 out of 100, up from 30.8 last year, while UP posted a 45.9 overall score, up from 34.7 last year.

>>>>.complete news: CLICK, CLICK.


In Southeast Asia...the ranking is,

1. National University of SINGAPORE(NUS)--30 (+3)
2. NANYANG Technological University- Singapore--77 (-8)
3. CHULALONGKORN University-Thailand 166--(+ 57)
4. Universiti MALAYA (UM) Malaysia--230 (+ 16)
5. Universiti Kebangsaan MALAYSIA (UKM)Malaysia--250 (+ 59)
6. MAHIDOL University Thailand--251-- (+33)
7. Ateneo de MANILA University Philippines--254--from 401-500 (+ 196)
IMPRESSIVE!!!! I used 450-254---to be fair!
8. University of the PHILIPPINES Philippines--276 from 398 (+122)
not bad, not bad
9. University of INDONESIA Indonesia--287 (+ 108)
10. Universiti Sains MALAYSIA (USM)-Malaysia--313 (-6)


...a very impressive for ATENEO and UP.


  1. that was amazing! last year, UP was number 18(?). vast improvement for both schools. i'm from a family of UP grads so that's great news.

  2. i hope it still improves... we are way ahead of that a generation ago... but slowly, nalampasan tayo ng ibang schools dito sa southeast asia!

  3. hmm.. first, that goodnews about oil production, now this... these make me really proud!

  4. I studied in University of Bristol and it is ranked No. 32 this year.

  5. Yosh!

    My university's name was not there. I wonder why...maybe because our university is more on Engineering and doesnt have a lot of courses...


    but, we still the best!

  6. wow congrats sa school ng sis ko. sshool ko wala eh lols. oero kahit na ayos na rin kasi pinas naman nirerepresent nila.

  7. That is great news... and now up to the top!

  8. Puppet-- you really should be proud to be A UPian. Kudos to UP.

    Spoolartist---yeah, bring back the good old days. Bring back the glory. We can do it.

  9. Falcon---great to know that. So you were educated in another country. You should be proud of your school.

    Zara--yeah, maybe that is the reason why. BTW, I think I missed the name of your school. Hope you don't mind.

  10. Kris--a real joy for each and every PINOY.

  11. Its ok dear...

    BTW, the first song in my list is "HERE IN MY HOME" by MALAYSIAN ARTISTE FOR UNITY...

    I can tell you that the song is really awesome, in fact, I kept listening to it everyday~

    Jay Chou's songs are in the tracks as well. Maybe not from this album, but he has a good voice and really talented.

    I hope I can post about it later, but u can try to find those in YouTube.

    This is the link for MALAYSIAN ARTISTE FOR UNITY.

    Enjoy it dear!

  12. they this is really a great improvement compare to last year

    i agree with loven, neigboring countries are soaring so fast, i hope we can do more

    i still can take this though

  13. lawstude---I was not also a graduate of any prominent schools in Manila but I sure am glad of the performance of the 2.

    sidney--thanks for the visit and the comment. appreciate it.

  14. Zara---thanks a lot. that's very informative.

    Alex---let's wait and see next year.

  15. wow galing naman.
    sarap namang mag ateneo.

    *palakpakan para sa pilipinas!*
    Humahataw ang pilipinas!

  16. enday--maraming salamat sa komento.basta pinoy , posible.

  17. galing ng blue noh?

    nasan kaya ang green?



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