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CHINATOWN: Singapore.....


The Chinese are everywhere
and wherever they go,
they have their own community.
It's this practice that
makes them very adaptive.

Let's not forget of coarse that Singapore is more than 70% of Chinese descent. Hence, the "Chinatown" here is not a center of immigration and inexpensive food but rather a center of celebration of Chinese culture and often more upscale in taste than outside it.

This is a heritage site. Compared to Little India, Chinatown is very orderly, clean and less crowded. And there are lots of malls around.

You can buy cheap souvenirs here like magnetic memo holders, 4 pieces for $10. As I said, it's less crowded so it's less tiring.

It was intersting to note though that in the middle of it all lies a large Sri Mariamman Hindu temple.

...there are no worshipers there that time. Only those who are managing the area. It's basically free to enter as long as you leave your foot wears in the front door. If you want to take pictures inside, you have to pay a particular amount. Dikona natandaan magkanu.. I managed to take a quick shot before entering..kekeke

Never been inside one before, as a matter of fact, I can't remember if I have seen such temple in the Philippines. Not in memory. Therefore, I was like a schoolboy on a field trip again amazed with the strange images inside.

Then came the strange part, In the same street just a few meters away is another temple which I think is a Muslim Temple. Strange because it's also the case in Little India. Makes me think therefore that in Singapore, Muslim temples and Hindu temples are like McDonalds and Jollibee.

Since we are talking about fast food. We also tried to eat in one of the cheap restos in the area where I tried carrot cake for the 1st time. It doesn't taste like carrot.kekeke

Pay attention to this signage here. It say beverages. Reminded me of the food court area TRINOMA MALL, maybe this is where they got the idea....

....and just to give you a hint. If you can't finish your food. Don't tell the waiter to take it out or take it home because here they usually say TAKE AWAY. Makes you fell like a robber eh, TAKE AWAY, TAKE


  1. kudos...! lurve the pics...! tnx sa comment sa page q...hahahha!

    my gush...frend...wish moi luck sa finals exam q simula bukas...hihihi

  2. ang dami mong napuntahan anton in just three days??? wow!!

  3. Chinatown is a nice place to be. I stayed in that Hotel 81

  4. @borneo falcon: i think you meant hotel 21...

    anton, di rin ako makapniwalang you went to singapore for only three days... dami mong napuntahan talaga! or baka di ka na natulog?

  5. nice! ;)
    i can easily fall for chinese. hahaha.

    like thier chinky eyes a loooot! ^^__^^

  6. di halatang nag-enjoy ka sa Singapore ha. haha. pasalubong!

  7. indeed, chinese are indonesia, china town is called "pecinan"..means 'a place where chinese live"

  8. it's the best china town ive seen. it's so clean and spacious. definitely not a typical china town.

  9. antoine--now I am wishing you luck---is it over?

    Alex--there's more Alex. wait and see, yeah, 3 days lang. We were always on the go.

  10. falco---aha! not I know where you stayed. I stayed somewhere in the middle of the Island, far from Chinatown and the financial distict.

    Kuya Loven---uo 3 days lang talaga at pm lang kami nalabas till night. Buti nalang mahilig din sa galaan yung friend namin....

  11. vanny---nice to see you again. So you go for singkit looking guys eh?

    Allen---pasalubong muna from Baguio...

  12. hey! a bit sensitive topic we have here. i hope you can still participate. here's our coffee break this week

  13. nice comparison! jollibee is to temples? LOL

  14. Myk2ts ---thanks for dropping by. kakamiss talaga place.

    Arry---agree, are there many Chinese in Jakarta?

    Dong---our perception kasi of Chinatown is something dirty e because of our Chinatown in Binondo----

  15. jan celiz-magtoto --thanks for visiting---

    Chyng---uo nga e. parang ganun ang nangyari. On the 2nd thoughts. Baka nga Hindu temple din yun. Ibang clase lang. I am not sure anymore....

  16. hindu temple in the middle of chinatown??? hmmm..curious. but honestly, hindu art quite creeps me out. lalo na yung mga scultures. reminds me of 'saints'...i find them also creepy.

    ang dami mo ng napuntahan dyan! magdala ka ng pasalubong! hehehe! peace out!


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  17. Ron--I will check it out and try to vote. Hope you make it....

  18. i enjoyed the pics. have you seen monks in the temple? natutuwa lang ako sa mga monks.

  19. icka-------nope--not in the temples---pero sa Siloso beach in Sentosa, we saw a few. I donno what they are doin there....pero nakakatuwa nga sila. agree.


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