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Josie Natori: Pinoy Fashion at it's finest......

North America where
approximately 4 million
of 11 million Filipinos
are concentrated
is a rich source of
inspiration for us back home.

But it was also very motivating to know a few making their mark elsewhere. After the trip, I embarked on a simple research of whether there are Filipinos who made it big in SINGAPORE. Unluckily I only found one notable personality so far.

He is journalist Rico Hizon of BBC Singapore. It was very easy to distinguish. I thought so too that he is PINOY the first time I watched his segment in BBC.

I was was not very comfortable with his brand of english (accent) knowing that BBC is as the obvious a British company. And you know the Brits and how they discriminate over accent. Well, I guess that's why he is based in Singapore to cater to the Asia pacific Region. But he sure is a smart guy.

But He is big and I admire him. He received an award lately; OUTSTANDING FILIPINO OVERSEAS
Hope he continue to shine in his field.....

here's more >>>>>about RICO

Along with Rico Hizon,
BPI also recognized
Josie Natori in the
2008 BPInoy Award
for her achievements in fashion.

The former investment banker Natori celebrated her 30th year in 2007 as the CEO and founder of her million-dollar fashion empire based in New York involved in lingerie and other women’s fashions, children’s wear, and home furnishings.

Natori has been presented the Lakandula Award by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2007 and the Galleon Award by Corazon Aquino in 1998. On Natori’s initiative, a factory in the Philippines was set up to handle 50 percent of her company’s production.

Natori also serves actively on the boards of the Asian Cultural Council, the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, the Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation, the Philippine American Foundation and Women In Need Organization.


I am certainly not a fashion blogger but I do appreciate beauty when I see it.

We need people like Josie and Rico.
They are Filipino and proud.


  1. wow thanks for this anton!

    i never heard of them before...

    it's good to know some filipinos are making our country look so good!

  2. wow...ang lupit naman talaga eh. ang ganda nga ng mga damit. parang japanese inspired... i learned to appreciate women's fashion nung nakapanood ako ng project runway philippines. ang hirap pala gumawa g damit..hhehe!

    sige ok lang. hehe! hindi naman kailangang poem eh. kahit quotations lang... a line or two. pero ok lang i just thought it's cool with you.

    i'm learning from the others here too. i'm also grateful :)

    peace out!

  3. actually, rico was once a reporter for channel 7. when they used to have this english language early morning show.
    i believe (if memory serves me right) he then worked with asia wall street journal (it was asia business channel?!?!) then for cnbc asia, then now, bbc asia.

  4. wow! inspiring pinoys! we hope that more will be recognized.

  5. Don't care about accent. We are not native English people. They can't speak our language too. XD

  6. Lemme just comment about the Brits and accent descrimination thingy... MAybe in the 60s they do that... but not now... We speak better English than them... And a lot of White Brits do not know how to spell, not even write. Even Brits have different dialects/accents. And a lot of foreigners had already "invaded " their soil, so that accent that we hear in Harry Potter movies...

    had moved in the COUNTRY SIDE.

  7. thanks for the link! 'll be back later...

  8. Nice post!

    It actually was a good diversion from the gloomy stories about world markets plunges and peso plummets that greeted me this morning!


  9. alex----yeah Alex. There's many of them and sometimes, either we don't know them or we prefer not to know them....

    Ron---good. think outside the box ika nga diba RON?

  10. puppet---thanks for the info---I will make another post about PINOY broadcasters/ journalists abroad soon.

    Dong---grassroots recognition is also needed. It's not just saying wow, it's about saying, what can i do din to contribute. Thanks Dong.

  11. Eunice--nice point. Welcome back..

    Kris--thanks a lot for the info. I hope I can experience that. Learning about it and experiencing it are 2 different things. You are lucky to be there. At talaga, magaling mag-ingles ang Pinoy. ayt?

  12. thejournicler---thanks din.

    Jake---nice to have you here. A lot of bad news nga lately. Oldo the fall of the peso could be good for the millions of PINOY out there....bad for ordinary people, me included. Then again, we still have lots to be optimistic about.......

  13. would you believe that I can no longer count the times those whites ask me to help them spell? (word spell and not witchcraft spell). lol.


  14. natori has been recognized by the fashion world for a long time already but not in the mainstream Philippine market. Wish she'd spend more time bringing her brand closer to pinoys...

  15. Kris---really interesting to know that.

    Kuya Loven---I heard she has been recognized by many groups/ organizations indeed. The fact that they are producing 50% of her goods here in the country is already a giant step.

  16. whoa~ the collection look so nice!!

  17. Nice photos and article! I've been to Singapore many times of my life and this blog brought me again to beautiful memories of my life. I was an overseas Filipina. I hope to see this place again! Singapore!

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  18. There's also Cathy Yang of Bloomberg Asia, the former anchor and host of ABS-CBN's usapang business...

    andiyan din si Veronica Pedrosa of Aljazzera English, who is a former CNN news presenter...and then there's Marga Ortigas, correspondent of Aljazeera English. She's a former GMA7 reporter and a probe team segment host...

    uhmm...marami pa talaga sila. MAbuhay ang Pinoy!


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