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what about LITTLE MANILA..............


Sure, everybody
knows Chinatown,
Filipino town,Korean towns
and the like.
I'm also positive
that you have heard the term
Little India several times
before I even posted
an article here.

But honestly,
how many of you heard
Raise of hands please.

Me, never. Until yesterday.....
Just thought of sharing to
you what I found out>>>>>>>>>>


watching the video is like attending a history class. interestingly informative.
very glad to know also that ALLAN PINEDA of BEP is very open about being PINOY and is very supportive of the Filipino cause......

Here's the music video BEBOT which, again, I got no hint whatsoever how and where it was I know.

Jasmine is also around as well as other prominent FIL-Americans. Good, good. The depiction of the NANAY in this case is a bit OA but there is a grain of salt in it. The song is very ordinary but it is no doubt a GIANT effort in telling people that there is still after all reasons to SHOUT OUT LOUD that you are Pinoy......

Kudos to the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) and all the people behind the LITTLE MANILA Movement.

more info>>>>>


  1. Hello, thanks for dropping by my site and commenting.. Yes my wife is a filipina and im so happy about it and proud..

    I actually seen this footage months ago and I was amazed by it..

    Would you mind xlinks with me? Please let me know ok.. thanks~!

  2. hello there, saw your comment on my husband's blog.. Salamat for visiting.. Mind xlinks with us? Please let me know.. Salamat uli!

  3. Thanks for sharing this vid, gives me a nostalgia trip to manila...

  4. it's my first time to hear about Little MAnila..

  5. joops---my pleasure. I will add you now before you could. Nice meeting you.

    chubskulit---add ko na kayo ha. I am very glad.

  6. Rose---Thanks for the comment. San kaba. Are you abroad?

    Kris---akal ko sinu. what's with the change of name?

  7. niyak..ayaw mag-load ng youtube..huhu! nako bakit naman ako magagalitsayo, mate!? hahaha! tag lang naman yun eh! hehehe!

    xa nga pala invalid yung vote mo...bawal madoble yung boto..hehehe! isang 3 tapos yung 2 at 1 pwedeng sa iba na...

    maraming salamat sa suporta, mate! hehehe!

  8. Ron----talaga? kainis naman yun. Yung example pareho---tapos me confirmation na sa email ko---macheck nga uli

  9. Filipinotown and Little Manila is the same. You can find Little Manila is Queens, and the Bay Area.

    Historic Filipinotown naman is n L.A.

    Pero marami ring Filipino concentrations across US and Canada that does not have a specific name. One thing's for sure, they're Filipino-American communities.

  10. puppet---glad to know na nagkukumpol-kumpol din mga Pinoy in a particular area. I think it's more of an advantage, economically and culturally......


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