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salingPUSA recommends......


the book,
by Elaine St. James.

..........I love self-help books because you tend to read them because you need them. No pressures. Or is it the other way around? For me at least it works that way. It's as simple as eating because you are hungry. Funny though that acquired it after quitting my regular full-full time day job so this is more of a way for me to vindicate my decision. It did.

The book

"ways to change the way you work so you have more time to live."

Smart suggestions like being selective in giving out your cell phone number, learn to handle your mail only once. , learn to say no and set appropriate boundaries so as not to be chained to your job and other simple things that we thought don't hurt us.


The 293-paged book is divided into 7 chapters

1. Cutting back on the amount of time you work.
2. Learning how to seize time.
3. Being more productive.
4. Being more effective with people.
5. Being more efficient with your money.
6. Changing the way you work.
7. Changing the way you think about work.

She didn't stop at saying you should just cut back on the number of hours, she also recognize that efficiency , productivity, effective relationship with people, knowing how to manage your money as well as the way you think about work are all part of the equation that we all need to balance. Another very important point made here is that working longer hours doesn't necessary mean earning more.

Tell me something I don't know you might say. That too is often my motto. Well, for the most part, it is what we know that we often neglect and not do......


  1. i think im gonna like this book.. available in NB?

  2. bet you learned loads from it! :) hindi ako maxadong nagbabasa ng mga self-help books. more on novels ang binabasa ko. hehehe! mahilig ako magbasa pero tamad akong magipon para bumili. sa paghiram ako mahilig minsan nakakalimutan ko pa...

    but i guess i'll have to read this someday. :)

  3. kaya ka pala laging high hyper at upbeat anton dahil dito

    i'll buy this one!

  4. Jp---yun lang. Forgot to indicate here that I borrowed it from by board mate. I checked the website of NBS--to not avail.I donno with powerbooks, or fullybooked.

  5. Ron---pareho us most of the time I trade kasi I have this feeling that it's unfair if I suspend them into thinking weather I am going to return it or not. How I wish our libraries here in the Philippines have more titles in their shelves....

  6. Alex---kasi, you should learn where to put your money. Ay, moneys pala. lol. This is a good investment Alex.


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