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little India the way I saw it..............

let's have a qui=ck glance on the
ethnic composition of Singapore
like this blog is an idiots guide to
people who are mostly aware of
the facts.

Chinese 76.8%
Malay 13.9%
Indian 7.9%
other 1.4%


Now to the point. I've seen many times
in blogs like that of EUNICE and others
about little India but I tell you, you
can never tell the magnitude of Indian
influence in this island state until you
visit LITTLE INDIA itself.


8%? I am not sure of that. They are everywhere............

they greeted us in the airport, the security and immigration officers, the bus drivers, in THE FYER, in the border to Malaysia. They are just everywhere. And when we decided to pay little India a visit, wow, they filled the trains, and little India by any means is not small, it's huge. Our friend Cristy remarked that the Indians are about to take over Singapore, much to her agitation because she always ended being in between a couple of them in the metro or in the buses and she always complain about the

Entering little India though is like entering another portal. In here, they have their own rules I guess. They can cross the street anywhere and anytime they want. They can liter plastics and papers, anything. The authorities (if there are any in the area) don't seem to mind. You can ride the taxi anywhere too. Just like the Philippines, except for the smell.kekeke

Here are some of the pictures that we got.

The fact that there are so many people is maybe because they have this celebration they call DEEPAVALI which they also call the "Festival of Light," where the lights or lamps signify victory of good over the evil within every human being . cool.

Their temples are therefore crowded. It's my first time to see a HINDU temple. The designs are intricate. Looks nice in person. Anybody can enter. But we didn't have the courage to force Cristy inside because it's too crowded and as she said, she might die, you

We ended in a mall called SERANGON PLAZA instead where we bought cheap chocolates and native delicacies for pasalubong. Look how crowded it is. Felt like Divisoria.

Then, to complete the experience, we went into this shabby restaurant in a corner somewhere to order Indian food.

.....I thought Filipino cuisine is the oiliest oily food in the world, nah--I think Indian food is more oily and they have these strange spices that I don't like. Maybe I'm not into spices after all. Ended up eating chicken and this hotcake looking thing with egg in it.

Again, the girls seem to enjoy it. except Christy who feels like she is turning Indian and is therefore starting to smell like one.kkk

In my case, I enjoyed the experience but I got so tired with all the crowd and stuffs I just wanna go home. I no longer know how I look in this picture.

I hope I don't look like I am ready to kill the person in front of


  1. the diversity of culture in singapore is truly amazing and the Indian slice of life is an adventure on its own in the island state! grabe, inubos mo talaga every square inch of the island ha! ang dami mong napuntahan in a span of your short trip!

  2. woow!

    the resto looks like a turo turo here!

    amazing to know they have that little indian town there...

    that made me think? meron ba tayo dito ton???

  3. hahaha! if you didn't know youre in singapore i'd say you're in india! hehehe! never ate indian food before... pero mukha ngang mamantika. hehehe! indians are very smart and capable people. and indian culture is very diverse and rich :)
    so uuwi na kayo dito???hmmm...


    thanks for your comment, mate :) i deeply appreciate it. yun nga ang naging inspirasyon ko. i was trying to remember the feeling of living a provincial life. taga-pangasinan din ako kaya nakakamiss... hehehe!

    i tagged you nga pala :)

    peace out!

  4. I didn't manage to visit little india in my last visit. It is an interesting place

  5. quite lovely people. although i must agree with you with the smell part. it has somewhat been their trademark. some says it is because of the food but i disagree cause thai people smell good.

  6. kuya Loven---that's not all---meron pa. tinatamad pako sulat e. pero coming soon. We tried to make the most of the short time we had kaya pagbalik namin Manila pagod na pagod. Agree with you, Singapore has a very diverse culture.

    Alex---I donno nga if we have Indian town here. I think not. Kalat kalat mga Indians dito e...

  7. Ron---true. If you know curry, that's sort of central element sa food nila. Yun pagkakalam ko ha. Actually Ron, we are in Manila na. I am blogging nalang from memory.keke

    anu yung tag Ron? parang diko lam. You don't have to say TY because I am also very thankful. Blogging is not just about self, it's about growing with other bloggers. We all try to reflect on each other experiences/ stories. I am glad you are around......

  8. falcon---it is indeed an interesting place. It's one of the many flavors of Singapore.

    vinzent---Interesting thoughts. I also blame the food factor...But now that you mentioned Thai people, I am having secondhoughts. But give me the benefit of the doubt first coz I've never been around Thai people. Maybe I should also go to Thailand soon....

    thanks for the visit....

  9. I am always amazed with the diverse culture of India especially Hinduism...

    Bramah, vishnu, shiva hahaha

    buti tsong pag-uwi mo sa bahay, NAMASTE NAMASTE NAMASTE hahaha
    iba ang Little India experience niyo diyan... hindi siya mukhang singapore, para siyang pinalinis na new delhi, haha hindi pa ako nakakapunta dun hanggang picture lang ako tsaka CNN o aljazeera ang experience ko sa India...hahaha astig na experience yan. :-)

  10. sarap naman ng indian food...
    maraming indians dyan siguro kasi singapore was part of the British East India Company, i'm not sure, haha.

    pa-exlinks ha...

  11. Onats---nice observations. I was actually thinking that it could be a lot worse in India itself. With what they say na kasama mga daga at baka all over the place....

    the Journicler---good recall on historical facts there....

    ....Added u na in my blog list ha don't worry.

  12. Hi Antonio! When did you come Singapore? Cool... you visited Little India.

    When did you go to Little India? Actually you will see the place even more crowded with Indian foreign workers over the weekend, so many of them that you thought you were in India!

    A few years ago, we went to see some of the flats on sales at Little India on a Sat night, the place was so crowded with the workers that we had a hard time looking far! We even saw a hooker (a transvestite) wearing a shocking pink wig in the neighbour! This is very uncommon in a residential area.

    Afterall, we don't think we will ever buy a unit there. :P

  13. Hello Eunice---went there Sepr. 20-23. About little India, I think on the 2nd day. It was Sunday when we went there so it really is crowded. I would also have second thoughts of buying a flat there if I were you. kekeke

    ,,,,nice to have you around again Eunice.


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