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if the pieces don't fit anymore.....


Shakespeare once lamented that the
world is a stage and we are all
I say, the
world is a big dance floor and we,
are all dancers in the dance of life.

We dance in groups, sometimes alone,
most of the time in pairs, for as
one blogger friend once said , coupling
is a human thing. We were made imperfect
so we would seek out other beings
to satisfy us, to compliment us,
to complete us.

It's unfair because
out of my 27 years of existence,
I learned the hard way that things start
to mess up when you
start caring for them........


Don't get me wrong, I know love, I am no stranger to it. I savored it, tasted it like wine, it is in my blood and I'm still intoxicated by it. But sometimes, no matter how much you love each other, things just don't go your way. It was as if the dance of life suddenly changed the music and you started dancing differently. Last thing you know, you were stepping on each other and hurting each other.........

I feel very sad. I was down, beaten. It's very hard for me to disclose all the details of what happened in the past few days because I am still digesting what happened. Hope the lyrics of the song THE PIECES DON'T FIT ANYMORE by James Morrison would be enough to satisfy your curiosity because I am still doing some soul searching. I am in the middle of a haste and I've got to find my way out.....

Well I can't explain why it's not enough, Cause I gave it all to you.
And if you leave me now, oh just leave me now.
It's the better thing to do,
It's time to surrender,
It's been to long pretending.
Theres no use in trying,
When the pieces don't fit anymore, Pieces don't fit here anymore.

I know it has been raining a lot lately. But I am not dismissing the fact that the sun still exists. Soon, the smoke will settle and I would be able to see clearly again.......


  1. Erm...emotions...
    why sometimes only us who can understand ourselves?

    why is it hard to share with others?

  2. Spusa... meron bang?? hehe wala lang... totoo nga nman the dance of life... dapat nag save ka ng last dance hehehe... hayyzz yun lang na blanko ako eh dumogo ilong hehehe

  3. heyy whatever it is i hope things will get better....

    hay sana malapit ako sa place mo para masamahan kita mag ganstilyo..

    joke, anyways god bless always 'ton

  4. ei, are you ok?

    nako i have a hunch is about you love life.ano pa nga ba? wla naman akong masabi. tsk. just hang in there embrace the pain. it's the only thing you can do i guess in times like this. hays...

    btw, i love james morrison. he's a discovery of a lifetime. love his song 'undiscovered'...

  5. Don't get me wrong, I know love, I am no stranger to it. I savored it, tasted it like wine, it is in my blood and I'm still intoxicated by it. But sometimes, no matter how much you love each other, things just don't go your way. It was as if the dance of life suddenly changed the music and you started dancing differently.---HAY TAMA KA JAN...

    buhay pag-ibig..kakapost ko langng kaemohan kagabi. haha. errrr...

  6. zara---true, takes a lifetime to know other people, even ourselves.

  7. boomz----save the last dance for me ba? I also like that song and the message.....parang ang summary nun e. tayo parin magkikita sa finals ganun. I still feel the same to be honest.

  8. Alex---lokoloko ka talaga. You are as you said irritatingly optimistic. Looks like I really need that. I prefer to be logical at this point in my life. Wala kasing mangyayari kung puro emotions pagaganahin ko.

    And yeah---gusto ko na nga matutu mag-gantsilyo. Turuan mo nga ako.keke

  9. the problem is :

    emotions just can't understand logic.
    i am going through the same..for alst 10 months now.
    REad my rain poems.

  10. Hi antonio, do forgive me for being unable to share your feelings when you are at your down-est point. Hope you feel better now. =)

    Believe in silver lining. There's always a bright shining sun behind those thick dark clouds. Let time heals you. ;)

  11. didn't you learn crocheting in elementary and high school? dun lang ako natuturo hehe

  12. No matter what happened, let's try to take things positively. Perhaps at this point of time, shift your focus and change your direction to feel better. Hope you can get over the pain soon. =) Cheers .

  13. ano to ha?


    anu problem u my friend?

    kita nga tau sa sat...

    ikw tlga...

  14. Galing rin ako sa stage na yan. Mabuti at nalagpasan ko na kaya don't worry sooner or lter makapag-move on ka na rin totally. Enjoy what life offers. Napaka lucky mo kaya.

    BTW, salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko Anton. I am not famous pero ito ang secret, I am connected with famous bloggers. Nakikita kita sa comment box ng lahat ng mga pinupuntahan kong blogs kaya I guess kaw ang sikat. Salamat sa pag add. Another famous blogger to connect with. Panalo ako nyan. hehe. It's my pleasure to add you and to discover a great blog as well.

  15. •♥•♥[V]♥•♥•---thanks for the visit and the comment. if I may ask---are you almost over it now?

    LZ---I also believe that. This time around , I am trying not to be very emotional about it because i know it will be more devastating on both parties if I do so. I want to take it logically.....

  16. Alex---nope. We didn't learn it back then, or maybe, I was sleeping when the teacher taught the skill.keke. I need your help. Kailangan ko matutunan mangantsilyo. para malibang.keke

  17. Ron---anu pa nga ba. the source of bliss and the reason we are alive, and the reason why we want to cease living. But I am okay. Our natural tendency is to be happy until we disturb it.

  18. nope..miss talking to her so much..

  19. JOSHMARIE---bat ganun, we sometimes feel the same. and I guess we have similar approach to life situations.

    Eunice---wise words. I used to to nurture my sadness before to the point of despair. I now think its not healthy so this time around I am trying to be logical rather than emotional....

  20. as i said before...

    emotions don't understand logic mate.

  21. Marvz---I'm okay. Don't worry. Acceptance lang.

    REDLAN---I think you are humble. I like you. Bakit u namn nasabi na maswerte ako?

    And please, I am nobody. I am just blogging to pass time and to satisfy myself.

  22. I believe that the world is a humongous toilet, and we are faeces waiting to be flushed.

    seriously, i hope it's not what I feel/think it is that is making you sad...

  23. "ang matalinong tao, di lang laban ng laban. alam din kung kelan susuko."

    so move on!

    (quote yan sa blackboard nammen twing bigayan ng classcards sa engineering!)haha

  24. Am so shy in person. sa blog lang ako madaldal. lol.

    Yung status mo sa buhay at marami ka namang friends sa nakikita mo. Maraming nagmamahal sau. yun ang swerte. at yung isang magmamahal, darating lang yun. hehe. goodluck.

  25. emotions? Kapag inlove ka pa, ito ang birit mo:
    You've got me feeling emotions
    Deeper than I've ever dreamed of
    You've got me feeling emotions
    Higher than the heavens above

    Pero kapag hindi na masaya, ito naman ang say mo:
    In the words of a broken heart
    It’s just emotions taking me over
    I'm Caught up in sorrow
    Lost in the song
    But if you don't come back
    Come home to me, darling
    Don’t you know there's nobody left in this world to hold me tight?
    And don't you know there's nobody left in this world to kiss goodnight
    Goodnight, goodnight

    Tapos kapag ayaw na talaga, ito na ang bagsak mo:
    All by myself
    Dont wanna be
    All by myself

    Sige, feel the emotions pare. Madali lang mag-gantsilyo.

  26. •♥•♥[V]♥•♥• o=---I agree with you on that. but I guess it could work the other way around.

    Kris--tindi ng description mo ha. Tama nga namn. feces waiting to be flushed. haha.

    ...ngapala, anu ba yung isip u na problem ko?

  27. Chyng---tama ka. ngayon ko lang narinig yan but it definitely rings a bell....

    Redlan---thanks for the kind words....sabagay.

  28. Marissa---grabe, dikanaman masyado ganado comment.keke. nice song pieces, suggestions. from experience ba yan ha. at sumakay kapa sa pang-gagantsilyo ha. effective ba talaga? keke

  29. things will be well soon. your doing it right--digest it. deal with it and sink your self with it. soon you'll realize that you learned from it :)

  30. oh sorry to hear that, i hope you guys patch things up na, anyways cool blog you got! hope to read more from you

  31. i hope that things will get better in the coming days. maybe just need sometime to rest.

  32. talagang may ganituhan??? hehehe. buti nalang busy ako sa kakahanapbuhay. kung hindi baka may ganito rin akong emo. haha.

    relasyon ba to at iwanan? haha. anyways, diversion lang solusyon jan. hanap ka ng mapaglilibangan. in my case, buti nalang ako yung tipong madaling magsawa at tipong one time lang malungkot pag iniwan. i am always receptive to change and open to the idea that there is no permanent in this world. pag naabsorb mo yun, walang katalo-talo. yun nga lang may downside din yon syempre... you cannot define what is happiness.

    siguro in some cases na madalas kang masaktan, mas naaappreciate mo kung pano maging masaya.

    *nagdudunungan lang* hehehe. cheer up! mahaba pa ang buhay.

  33. Myk2ts ----agree . The best thing about relationships is not the promise of permanence but the learning that you get when it fails. I'm learning, the hard way yes, but still learning.

    thanks for the comment man.

  34. Happy Halloween -->
    Happy Weekends XD

  35. Charles--my 1st time to see you around Charles. Thanks for the comment. added u in my blog list okay. Hope to see you around more often....

    Dong---maybe dipa nag-sisink. But surprisingly, I am okay. Not so okay but just fine. Unlike before na takot ako. Now I am more ready than ever. I also know the power of acceptance. What is, is.

  36. ISlander----to be honest with you. I am also very busy. So I cannot afford such emotional distress. There are more important things to do than quarrel over non-sense things. I thought our plans are stronger than some emotional insecurities. I have no time for such distractions. Too bad I cannot force other people to do so. As of now, I think I will be better off alone. For the mean time at least.....

  37. yup. best lessons learned are those that you got the hard way. ill be visiting this blog often :) get back soon man.

  38. musta na mate? salamat sa pagdalaw...

  39. Myk2ts ---appreciate it a lot.

    RON---okay namn mate. Still mending. love takes time to heal when your hurting so much.....keke

  40. 27 years.
    im 45. and still learning in life.

    Life is compared to a track field full of hurdles. We stumbled on one, get up, run again, and if we stumbled again, because hurdles are part of our way to maturity.

    Please maintain human spirit to be strong.There are more hurdles to come bigger than we experienced already.
    And very nasty, I may say...
    All the best.

  41. wow!this is a blockbuster..just shows that many cares when it comes to emotion-related things..good luck friend and im sure you'll get over it!

  42. Ms Francesca---I hope I could really last the marathon of life....

    Leri---I think so too. Thanks din sa inspiration....

  43. superb writing, it really moved me. God Bless. -elay


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