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SENTOSA ISLAND .............

a lot of people
don't believe me
when I say that
I've stayed in Singapore
for only 3 days.
Guys, I did.......

Don't worry. I am almost done with my annals of our trip. Our final day was SENTOSA day. We started in VIVO city, the largest shopping mall in Singapore, located at the HarbourFront precinct .

.........we got here via MRT. Can't remember the stations. Here, there are lotsa good finds if you are into shopping. Except that it's a bit expensive. Not the tiangge type.

....we didn't shop of coarse. we need to be here coz of the Sentosa Express monorail to get to the other side.

Along the way, you see a container terminal.....

....and a clear view of the HarbourFront where the Singapore Cruise Centre is also located. Accoring to ALMA, there is where you take a ferry to Indonesia. Too bad though we didn't have much time to hop to the nearest Indonesian Island which is 1 hour away. Sayang, additional stamp sana sa passport.keke

Before getting the the first station, you cpould also notice a lot of construction going on. I heard that they are building a casino to compliment to the existing attractions in Sentosa. 1st stop. Imbiah Station.....

then we boarded a bus to PORT SILOSO...for free. But all the Indians are present en-masse. Cristy was caught in the middle. She regretted going in first because of over-excitement. Good thing the bus is free as well as the cart. If not, it should have been double jeopardy for

There. We entered THE UNDERWATER WORLD SINGAPORE. Ticket is $22.90 ( 755pesos) Believe it or not it's my first time to see one like that. Sa bundok walang papel.

We got this special picture for $12.50 each It's optional but since I saw the label UNDERWATER world bla bla I took 2 without realizing that it's close to 412 pesos each. Whatever. Maybe I'll just scan it and reproduce it 1000 times. It's quite entertaining inside. You know. First time. To be honest though, it's quite old na.

Teresa and Cristy were so delighted to see their relatives.kekeke

....the experience aroused my curiosity on our own Ocean Park version here in Manila Bay. Ma-schedule nga.

Our last stop was the Dolphin show. Then we were off to pack our things for the evening flight to Manila. So many things to see, so little time. Bitin.

here's the map to guide you>>>>>

Oh---by the way. Did I mention we dropped by Siloso beach? We did.

Watch for it in my next post okay......


  1. It's Harbour Front MRT Station. Hey, you get to explore Vivo City. We just passed through as lack of time. By the way, we took the cable car to the island

  2. si teresa pwedeng dyesebel dun sa pic with the aquarium background! hehe

  3. at least magagamit namin postings mo as our guide pag pupunta kami singapore..thanks for the ideas!.pls dnt ask when kasi wla pa date,plan pa lang hehehe..

  4. woah!!!! nice trip! sayang nga lang yung indonesia. im not after of the stamp though. im after of the experience. hehe

    punta kang manila ocean park? baka pumunta din ako dun. we have a function to attend in manila hotel on the 3rd week. so opportunity na to gala. abot kamay na eh... baywalk, moa, airport, intramuros, at mabini... wahaha.

  5. Sentosa is generally known to be an expensive tourist spot in Singapore hehehe .. that's why for many years our govt had been trying to attract more locals to visit the island but in vain. Guess they have given up hope on us =P. But I think there are really many tourists wanting to visit Sentosa, perhaps our govt has succeeded in the campaign to attract tourists. XD

    Guess what? My friend has two tickets to visit Sentosa so we shall be going there soon! ^-^

    Oh ya! I have never been to Indonesia before!

  6. Geez with yer frieds and to those ppl, isn't it these photos are much of the worth the stay?

    Hay naku, XD

  7. nice and kewl pics. :)

  8. Falcon---didn't try the cable car co'z the flyer experience is a spoiler so we took the easy way in and out of the island.

    Alex----sumbong kita Lex. keke

  9. Denis---glad to see you around.

    aquamarine---hay salamat Lery. nabuhay ka. super busy ata. Yeah, try Singapore so you can compare. Kaya ikaw blog u mga pinag-gagagwa u dyn para me guide din us pag pumunta kami dyan.As i said, if everything goes according to plan....

  10. ang lupit talaga! kung may pera lang ako nasa hindi ako mag-aatubiling pumunta dyan! at may mga jellyfishes din! hehehe! grabe sulit na sulit ang mga trips niyo ah.. hehehe! cge enjoy lang ang keep us posted with everything! hehehe!


    i told it's crazy not weird! haha!

    hindi lang ako. si lance at journicler at dabo ganun din! hehehe!

    i wear 'rags' at home. hehehe! nasanay lang ako na ganun. hehe!

    thanks, mate for voting..again! :) i really appreciate it :)

  11. The Islander---glad to see you again. san kaba galing? kasama na rin yun xmpre.

    Kelan na uli punta nyo Manila? maybe we can meet ---kasama si Alex---retarded's notebook. ya know him ayt?

  12. Eunice---I was not told that. But I guess it really is an expensive place, especially if you take all the attractions. Good thing thoug coz you can just stay in the beach and hang around. I saw a lot of locals, teengers playing volleyball in Siloso beach....

  13. Eunice---I was not told that. But I guess it really is an expensive place, especially if you take all the attractions. Good thing thoug coz you can just stay in the beach and hang around. I saw a lot of locals, teengers playing volleyball in Siloso beach....

  14. ley---nice to see you here. must kana? ok kanaba?

    joshmarie---thanks for the visit and the comment. appreciate it....

  15. Ron---wt tym kaba na-online ha? at mahanap ka nga sa YM....kekeke

  16. Galit lang siguro ako sa keyboard! Hahaha! Mga 6 pm upto 10 ako online..hehehe! but I’m warning you, lousy akong ka-chat! Hahaha!

  17. Nakakatuwa naman diyan sa Singapore...halata naman sa inyong mga piktyur na talaga namang nag-uumapaw kayo sa galak..

    sana makapunta rin ako diyan...balang araw. hehehe

    nice post and pics.

  18. RON---okay---hanapin kita Monday. LAusy din ako kachat. wl lang. don't worry di ako masyado mangungulit. Busy din e....

  19. onatdonuts----diko naman inakala na soon e makakapunta kami---biruan lang na biglang nagkatotoo. Salamat sa iyong komento in malalim na tagalog.......

  20. thanks for the tour. can we see more pictures of the silosa beach?

  21. yun nga, sasagutin ko na rin dito.. will be there 20-26. cge text text nalang pag may time. sana may time... sana...

  22. wow, i love the facade of that vivo building. so dynamic! ;-)

  23. JP----hope we can find a common time nga. let's try to find a way. I will tell Alex....kekeke

    caryn---it really is....


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