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anda-bolinao roadtrip......


As the only Island Municipality of
Pangasinan, traveling in and
out of the has been a struggle.
Lucky if you have a boat and your
barangay is
somewhere in the southern tip near
ALAMINOS. Then again, for those
who need to take the bus have to wait
for the barge servicing
MALong- KATUBIG area.

That was until 1997 when Ramos
finally delivered a long forgotten
promise of past administrations
to connect Anda to Mainland Pangasinan
through Bolinao Channel.


That's JOSH, sick and tired of being sick and tired and is ready to be hit by a truck. But automobiles are rare in this part of the world so I he's still alive.haha

And that's me seemingly unhappy with myself....kunwari lang.keke

If I may note, one very positive development in the past few years is this building which out of nowhere ended up in the hills of nearby Catubig, the Little Sisters of the Poor founded by Jeane Jugan of France.


I originally thought that the FRENCH are self-centered. I guess I am beginning to admire them now.......

This will prove to be an installment. Hope you can follow us in our next stop in Bolinao!!!!


  1. count me in to join you on this trip. never been to bolinao. we only traveled until alaminos.

  2. san kayo magstay sa Bolinao?

    Btw, nagcomment ako sa ACE entry mo. What's ur favorite facility there? I told you, STRICTLY SWIMWEAR! Iba yun sa UNDERWAER! hehe

  3. u really have to change ur blog's name parekoy... this is something that u should consider. hehe... change it to 'pusang gala' or 'traveling cat' kasi pasyal ka ng pasal... haha... kidding.

    anyway, nice pics. maganda parin pala ang Pilipinas!

  4. yuhuu!!

    there's a car!!


    nice woo!

    like to see it and waiting for more.

    Thanks cz vote 4 me dear!

    P/S: I'm going to Physical Chem exam after this...T___T

  5. alaminos ei.. i like the sceneries there.. nung nagbbyahe kami papunta nakamulagat lang mga mata ko sa labas..

    aabangan ko ang bolinao trip, been there na rin many times though di ko na matandaan name ng lugar..sana makasama ko minsan jan.;)

    ---kaya nga dimaubusan last name ko eh... nyaha!

    ---and about your comment to my last entry, Oo. sila pa. I'm happy for them. Period.


    ang pusa daw madaling iligaw pag iniwan mo sa kung saan. now i know kaya ka naging palaboy. wahahaha!

  6. wow! sa gitna ng daan, but walang sasakyan :)

  7. the donG ---ako nga kalapit na town lang kaso 2nd ko lang to sa town nila at 1st sa beach nila....

    Chyng-- in a resort they call ROCK GARDEN. Just 15 minutes away. tell you about how I geel in my next post....

    thnaks ha

  8. Zara---my pleasure. good luck to both the contest and your can do it!!!

    I am bong---not yet. coa I will be grounded again for a few weeks here in Manila because of work. nagkataon lang yan.keke

  9. Borneo Falcon ---very rare during this time of the day.hehe

    Dylan Dimaubusan --maraming salamat. balak ko na ngang palitatan name ko as suggested by bong. PUSANG GALA----sounds cool,ayt? medyo napressure tuloy me about BOLINAO post....

    thanks DYLAN. dika masyadong ganado sa komento.hehe

  10. wow! bridging the gap. hehe.

    at road trip kamo ito??? aylabet!!! hehe. cge i will follow you..

    have a glimpse of bolinao also. pero yung beach at parola lang madalas kong makita sa mga posts. sana there's beyond bolinao than these.

  11. i love bridges! siguro dahil yung view or the fact that it's high above a body of water... nakapanood kasi ako ng nat geo about building bridges... hehe!

  12. Kaunti ba talaga ang vehicular traffic diyan sa bridge na yan?
    Para palang "bridge to nowhere" project sa Alaska na hindi natuloy LOL. I don't mean that as a criticism.

  13. ang cool ng pic niyo ni josh sa gitna ng bridge! hehe

  14. hello anton!

    nice shots again. nakow! kakaingget kayo nila kuya dong. papicture-picture lang. :)

  15. sarap ba maging binata uli? hahahahha Dyok..

    Ang galing mong kumuha ng mga Piktyurs..

  16. Allan Barredo ---unti lang me sasakyan---poor ang mga tao. jok. madalang lang talaga pag tanghali.

    The Islander ---JP, ikaw ay nagbalik. Mukhang dami expectations sa BOLINAO. hmmm, back-out na ata ako.keke

  17. RONeiluke, RN ---pareho tayo Ron , kaya nga gusto ko makita San Juanico at yung viaduct nila sa Imocos. Napanuod ko rin sa Nat Geo the other day yung ginagawang bridge sa KOREA, cool. nakita u ba yun?

    bertN ---at least during this time of the day. private unti pero big help parin sa mga passengerts busy which helps ordinary people to get in and out of the island.....

  18. alex---tinagalan ko nga pagkuha sa kanya ng pic para me dumating na sasakyan. pero lam mo na, masamang damo. mahirap mamatay. ako namn, pusa, 9 ang buhay.

    JoShMaRie---kaw kasi, it's about time na gamitin u naman ang mga money(s) u. umaapaw na.keke

  19. What does PANGASINAN mean? salty?

  20. bomzz-in-iraq--kuya BOOMZ, parang nagpapahiwatig ka a......sinasamantala ko na nga kasi yumatanda na. Baka magpasakal nako soon mamiss ko....

    Arry---it literraly means a place where salt is yeah, you can say land of salt.

  21. Nice trip ha! Sana pwede ng isa pang kaangkas! Hehe :) Sabit lang... Saling pusa na rin... Hehe :)

  22. Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer-----law nga e. galing ka ng AURORA. namis ko tuloy Dinggalan Aurora......sarap. thanks chad.

  23. di(kasi)maubusan ng sasabihin. hahaha! pansin ko nga ang haba pala ng last comment ko..

    nice, bagay na bagay tutal gala ka nman ng gala. di ka nman naliligaw eh. cge boto ko jan.

    wag ka mapressure tutal nasabi mo nang Bolinao next pit stop mo..

  24. Dylan Dimaubusan --thanks uli.naka-revicon ka siguro.keke

    mavs ---thanks. appreciate it.

  25. Nice, nice, nice, nice!

    As what I expect from you. You made it more beautiful on your blog!

    Take care.

  26. wow..i like most the shot at the bridge!!!
    thanks for leaving a comment in my post...
    i agree,dapat "pusang gala" na lang name mo..hahaha!
    keep it up,gayyem!

  27. Mys Lyke Meeh --nafa-flater po okay. honestly. thanks

    Seno---Hi---welcome here. appreciate the comment.

  28. aquamarine ---malapit na nag ako makumbinsi e...pusang gala. nice idea nga e. hanap lang me tyempo----

    thanks din sa pagdalaw.

  29. That is interesting....i need this kind of blog to keep me posted about Pinas. Nakaka touch naman what you wrote in your profile. Hmm....keep posting pictures of the Philippines.

  30. Nice to see you enjoying these trips... I remember you were a bit sad last month...

  31. haha di naman. baka lang merong bago aside dun sa lighthouse. yang house of little sisters mukang interesting.

  32. amiable amy --thanks a lot po--I will try m best.

    KRIS JASPER ---I need to keep going. still a bit sad but life should go on.

  33. The Islander ---hmmmm.lets see.keke

  34. hey there!

    wow i missed a lot of posts! di bale review-hin ko

    you travel a lot! buti ka pa you have lots of time on your hands, i can't do extra traveling with the sched i have these days, but i'd really like to visit phil. tourist spots ^^

  35. charles---yuo know what, we are super busy too with the weekends as our only free time, pero sinusubukan talaga namin gumala and get away from it all kahit few hours lang just to break the monotony. I am sure you can too....

    thanks Chrales.

  36. ok yang bridge na yan eh.

    cge hintay ko bolinao. been there and i love its roll breaking sky.

  37. saya naman ng tripping nyo. ganda ang structure ng bridge. uy, hindi selfish ang mga french. may mga foundation sila dito sa pinas.

  38. Lawstude ---nakita ko nga yung post u e...nahihiya tuloy ako.ekeke

    REDLAN--nalala ko nga---there was this priest who gave up his FRENCH nationality just to serve Filipinos. he is very active in a foundation here in Manila. anu na nga uli pangalan nun? diko malala.keke


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