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the push for health....


Yes, pause muna sa mga posts about PANGASINAN coz I would like to tell you about my very rejuvenating experience yesterday.

Since I basically sit in front
of the computer every day with
typing as my only form of exercise,
I know very well that it is not
at all healthy. My belly is starting
to show signs of bulging and and
I could feel that a lot of nerves
in my back and neck are not in their
proper places anymore. Well, they are
starting to hurt..........

Sign of aging? Nope, I think more of a natural thing you get because of an unhealthy lifestyle. So before the SALINGPUSA could be completely decommissioned, I need to do something about it.

Looks familiar? Yes, It's the ACE WATER SPA in 399 Del Monte Ave. Quezon City. The First European concept Spa in the country.

I should give credit to CHYNG. It was of her post that finally made me decide to go there. ( Ako ngyon ang inggetero Chyng, haha)

Seriously, I've been considering a heavy massage these days. But I usually have fear over masseurs. Home service is common these days but I donno if it's ever safe so I tried this one and I would say that my 550 pesos entrance fee is worth it.

We were actually sooo excited we even bought bench boxer shorts in megamall , only to find out that we cannot use them because the swimwear should be fitted. We ended up renting for 100 pesos per piece. The towel,150 pesos.

Upon entering, you could notice the good ambiance as the coffee bar and restaurant greets you..

Can't tell you about the food coz we ate in the nearby pancake house. Locker is free, as well as soap and water. I love it because good amenities. Things are in places where you want to see them.

We were in the pool in no time. Not so many people at around 6:30 when we came so we took maximum advantage of the full 4 and a half hours left before the place closed at 11pm. You will not actually notice the time. It was very relaxing.

Then the lesson.
I came to a cold realization
that I have been living a sedate life for the past 2 years
as 25 different hydrotherapy massage systems pampered my tired body....
I told myself not to smoke anymore as I successfully
removed the habit after Singapore but is now back
into it because of the though times I am

Then again, I might
keep a few vices. After all
I need a reason to be back again.
I loved the entire experience.


quote of the day: "when we are young, we lose our health to gain wealth.
when we are old, we lose our wealth to gain back our health"

more from their corporate website: HERE


  1. i can't remember the last time i had a of the best things in the world! ahehehe!

    napapa--oooooooohhhhh at ahhhhhhhh ako lagi kapag nagpapamasahi! hihihihi!

    makapunta nga dyan minsan. kay chyng ko una ring nalaman tungkol dun sa spa..hehe!

  2. hello anton! huwaw! ang sarap magspa! gusto ko din jan sa ace. :)

  3. wow! a lot of people have been posting about ace water spa. at first i thought these are paid post. hehehe... im planning to try it too.

    you really need to stop smoking.

  4. Ron-- i think you're YOUNG. you don't need it yet. keke

    joshmarie-- really a must for busy people like us JOSH. we need to pamper ourselves

  5. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] ---really is, and therapeutic too. The comfort is more than my limited vocabulary can express.keke

    Dong-- thanks to CHYNG, got idea from somebody who is not paid to say good things about the place. So we thought of trying it out.....
    ,.....thanks for the advice.

  6. wow---whata life? ehh?


    So u already figure out ur new vice ehh?


  7. i always see this place on tv, looks like a great place

    how much was the massage??? is it included in the 550 entrance fee????

    grabeng inquiries no? i wanna have a massage too, buti ka pa nakapunta na dyan, eh mas malapit pa ko hehe

  8. hmmm matagal ko ng iniisip itry kaya lang.. nahihiya akong magtrunks. baka may mag hello hihihi. :)

  9. I know a lot of people are having problem quitting. I didn't. Every time I want to smoke and buy a pack of cigs, I immediately buy something equally useless. Then, of course, I chose the people who don't smoke to hang out with. But, I guess, it was easier for me to do the latter because I migrated and was able start fresh.

  10. Mys Lyke Meeh--yeah---this is life!!!the sweet life.....

    alex---oy welcome back Alex. Missed you around. 550 don na lahat yun. kung wla ka trunks. 100. at towel 150. yun na yun . you can use all the facilities na inc the sauna at hot pools. galing nga e. malapit kanaba don?

  11. gentle --- okay lang yun. lahat naman nakaganun e so wl nang kaibahan. at di naman yung bikini type.for health. just go for it.

    Skron --nice way of breaking the habit indeed. I will try that. Thanks. equally useless, hmm....wonder like what? hehe

  12. astig mga pics mo dito. galing! :) nakakamangha. :))

  13. ka bute --maraming salamat ng marami---redundant ako.hehe. thanks talaga

  14. wow. mukang maganda jan sa ace spa. how much naman?

  15. .::. Vanny .:. --550 pesos for 5 hours. super sulit because aside from the massage systems, they have 3 hot pools as well as steam and sauna......

  16. wow, im happy naman that you tried and experienced Ace's services!

    what's your favorite place there?

    i told you... STRICTLY SWIMWEAR. hehe

    see you there sometime! (--,)

  17. Chyng ---the acupunture bed is my favorite....the rest come close 2nd. AY , yoko nga magkita tayo na ganun. naka swimwear.keke. Di ako confident.keke

    jok. really thanks to you, nagkaroon ako ng confidence to go there. I hate places kasi na me mga hidden charges. Not that i couldn't pay but it's like stealing for me. yoko ng ganun.

  18. galing nung quote. right and correct.

  19. The Islander ---guilty nga ako e.....

  20. Dapat may commission si CHYNG.


  21. hay naku, you should spoil yourself once in a while anton!


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