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disappointed with BOLINAO.........

I hope I could manage to save my reputation here for there are a lot of expectations
about our next destination........

After the short pause
for picture taking,
we were off to Cape Bolinao
on an old Honda SR 125.
It was a hot day.
Before going to the beach,
we dropped by the town
to see some interesting sights.
Appreciate the humble town hall
and the old Catholic church.

That's all. I was so excited by now to go to our next destination for it's my first time to see a beach in BOLINAO. By that time imagination was taking me to some beautiful places, white sand, wide beach front, few people. Then came this.........

what???? rocks and very little sand which is not even white!!! Really got disappointed. Now I know why they called the place ROCK GARDEN. I should blame myself and my ignorance. I thought we are going to a place they call PATAR, but we ended up in a resort they call ROCK GARDEN Resort in Brgy. Arnedo. I lost interest in swimming. Ended up grilling barbecue instead.

But to be fair. The resort itself is fine. There is a mini-zoo, a pool for children, one for adults,a chapel, and a couple of inns that you could rent if you wish to stay overnight.

you don't have to worry about security, they have very alert security guards who are always awake.

.....or should I say asleep 24/7.

You can also feast your eyes on different animals and some inanimate creatures....


It has been a very tiring day for us, having traveled from Manila, across
Pangasinan and then here in BOLINAO. As I said I was disappointed, we should have tried PATAR but we were so caught up grilling barbecue and the main reason why we are here, the birthday of my niece, ASHLEY NICOLE. she's very cute @ 2....

....good thing we didn't push for PATAR anymore. I forgot that the motorcycle we used was newly repaired so I was not supposed to over-speed, but I did. So it has to be fixed again. Had to pay my dad 3, 000 pesos for it. bad bad......

With the experience,
I still believe our
TONDOL beach in Anda
is still better.

I will definitely not rest though until I see PATAR myself.....


  1. Uhm dapat kasi you shouldnt expect a lot. Well thanks for the honest opinion. Im considering a resort in Bolinao (yung super expensive) kaso nga swimming eh ang jitims ko nga due to Disneyland trip.

    I have read blogs nga abt Bolinao, wala naman tlgang white beach and sand.

    Thanks sa honest review. Sa iba na kame ppunta! ;)

  2. how do you get to travel a lot?

    nadidisappoint tuloy ako sa buhay ko...

  3. well, at least you had some other worthy adventures other than the rocky beach! happy birthday to your niece! she's adorable!

  4. next time bora, camiguin or guimaras islands ka nalang then spend all day swimming by the white and sparkling beach sand hahhahah

    marami naman cgurong mas interesting jan kaysa sa beaches nila, hehhehe

  5. Hurm..pity u dear...
    But, as u said, the resort was good...

    I guess u need some research or survey before went there again (next it any chance?)...

    Your niece so cute!!

  6. Oo nga, parang nakakatakot magswimming based dun sa pictures. Ganyan na ba talaga yan o bka low tide lang?

  7. Aww-- least it's rocky not muddy, hehe!

    You can still see the beauty despite of!

    Take care!

  8. Hahaha...those pictures are awesome...unique din ang security guard nila ha. Kahit dissapointed ka, mas okay pa din, kasi those pictures are really worth to be featured in your blog.

  9. Chyng--pero diko pa napuntahan PATAR so I can't comment on that one. Better talaga sa Capones nalang CHYNg.

    Ako nga rin itim ko parin. 3 consecutive weeks na gala at babad sa araw. thanks too.keke

  10. gillboard---don't be. sinisingit lang talaga namin. Ito ang secret. Friday palang isispin u na Monday na ulit kinabukasan and you have to work or go to school again for another week, cgurado, you would want to ride the next bus and get away.......

    the spool artist --ewan ko kuya, pag nakikita ko na mabato yung beach nawawalan talaga ako ng gana. Sawa nakasi ako masugat ng talaba sa beach namin nung bata ako e.keke

  11. Antoine GF--tried BORA. The best talaga. dipngalang sa Camiguin at Guimaras. Cguro kasi dami ko na nakita rin magaganda beaches so na-disappoint ako.

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]---I sometimes do that, but most of the time, I wanna surprise myself. This time, I really got surprised.keke

  12. Ar-wee-der-yet --ganyan talag sya. Pag lowtide baka lumabas pa ang mas maraming rocks...lalong scary.keke

    Borneo Falcon ---haha, lets call it volcanic rocks submerged in salt water.wink..wink

  13. gawin ko man yan... problema ko pera... hehehe

  14. mukhang hindi advisable mag-sun bathing dun sa beach, mate..hehe! pati bakit parang kapiranggot lang yung shore...hahehe....

    belated happy birthday to your neice:) peace out!

  15. Most of Bolinao beaches are indeed rocky. One beach is even famous for its rocky cliff and has been featured in commercials. You should have gone to Patar. Patar is quite a distant and rough ride from the town proper. There's a good stretch of sandy beach there.

    I like that the beaches there are not as populated as the famous ones. That's why I go there almost every two years.

    You may want to check out these photos of Bolinao beaches. I didn't take them.

  16. Mys Lyke Meeh--sabagay-parang mas pangit nga pag muddy...

    amiable amy---salamat sa appreciation.

    gillboard ---ang masasabi ko lang dya is ---ngek!!!patay tayo dyan

  17. RONeiluke, RN --uo nga.d advisable. at natuwa ako sa description u sa shore. kapiranggot.keke

    Niel Camhalla--thanks a lot for the info. I should really try PATAR one time. Thanks. I'll check those photos

  18. Hi antonio the cat! ;) meow~'s not a nice sandy beach, but it's a nice rocky beach! =) Did you go down to swim?

    And wow..such a huge cake for a little girl!! I have never had such a big cake for my birthday..huhu..

  19. LZ --- I lost interest upon seeing the beach area. I just took a shower in one of the shower rooms.keke

  20. ganda naman ni ashley...

    buti hindi nagmana sa tito nya...

    kamukha ng mommy cathy nya...


  21. marvz---hay naku---buti kamo kay Boyong nagmana-- donya yan paglaki....

  22. Although you didn't have as much fun as you had expected, it is actually a learning experience...Anyway, the beach really looks dull hehehe..But I enjoy your photos especially of the security guard hahaha ;)

  23. i knw there's a beautiful beach there. Maybe you're right it's patar. Sad xperience bt im sure the fact that you are travelng, you stl enjoyd it. Btw, lawstude and i am inviting you to nueva ecija and vizcaya this weekend. We are leaving 6am cubao. If u are interestd, send your cellphone number to Then ill coordinate with you.

  24. Dennis Villegas ---fun to see you around Denis. Musta?---uo nga charge it to experience nalang.

    the donG--- kaya nga---hmmm. I'll email you.maganda yan.

  25. Chyng's right you should'nt expect too much..
    but all in all I think it's not a bad trip after all.. at least u get to see your niece on her 2nd birthday..
    ang alam ko may magandang beach jan somewhere, just not sure..hehe


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