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Thursday, November 13, 2008

HUNDRED Islands of fun.......

We left manila 1am to Anda
Saturday. Then again
i decided to take Josh on
a small tour across the
province. After Lingayen, we
opted to stop by
HUNDRED ISLANDS off the coast
of ALAMINOS city.......

......Anda is just accros LUCAP in Alaminos. You can get to the nearest barangay via a small boat for around 30 minutes, ANDA after all is considered the mother of the hundred islands. Despite that, and the fact that my barangay was South of Anda, Ive been to the Hundred Islands only 3 times. The last was 3 years ago.

We arrived at around 1pm. The sun was up so it was again another good time to explore some of the islands. The boat ride was 800---pesos ($17) It's a standard fee. We paid 1000 pesos ($21).

They also collect 20 pesos per head for entrance fee. If you have a car, that's another thing. Don't have one so there's no hustle. We were in the boat in no time. The view was as always, pleasant and welcoming............

Quezon Island in the Northern part---the most known ( not necessarily the most beautiful) was our first destination......


Good old Quezon Island it seems.


A lot of people would want to stay away from this island because it is very generic and could get too crowded. Still, many gather here because it is the most accessible. Meaning, there will always be other boats to take you to the mainland just in case the one you hired is no where to be found. keke

At any rate, if you prefer a more private place, you still have 100+ island around you to choose from. Just be sure you have extra cash because a private boat would cost 1400pesos ($30)........

As I said, there are some changes in the Island. I will tell you about it in my next post.........


  1. kakamiss hundred islands! was there with friends last may! twas a quick stop actually. bolinao bound kasi kami. but we enjoyed our time there. we had fun at children's island.

  2. ang gandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...T_T..

    alam mo pangasinan yung province namin pero indi man lang ako nakatapak dyan sa hundred islands...


  3. wow. dun den ako. at wikli akong tumatapak. hehehe. *nang-iinggit*.

  4. thanks to my old company who sponsored a tour to Hundred Islands..sa Quezon Island din kami!
    truly one of the places to see before you die..hehehe!

  5. wow! i love Pangasinan!!!

    been to bolinao, alaminos and dagupan.. taga-Tarlac lang ako kaya lapitbahay ko toh, hehe. actually jan bumibili ng bagoong at patis ang nanay ko! ahaha! iba daw kasi pag gawa jan..lalo na yung bangus!

    but I'm not sure kung dito nga kmi nagpunta years ago... dami kasing beach and isalnds na nakakamangha jan..

    thanks for posting it btw.. kakatuwa.

  6. gentle --taga BOLINAO ka pala. Anda ako at Bolinao salita namin.keke. Yun, stop over din kami bago uwi Anda.

    Ron---laki kasi at lawak ng Pangasinan Ron e---understandable. you're forgiven.keke

  7. Aquamarine---ayun namn pala e-nakapunta n si Leri sa Hundred Islands. ako talag--never sa ILOCOS, La union lang pinakamalayo sa North. Hmmm.....antay lang sa MAY.

    Dylan Dimaubusan--magkapitbahay pala us. Dami ngang beach sa Pangasinana. Bolinao at Agno---pati samin sa Anda meron e.

  8. urdaneta ako. just visiting din lang wid fwens

  9. Spusa- salamat sa pag bati! mo..

    namiss ko tuloy ang prabins ko dami rin kasing mga isla-isla sa amin..

  10. havent been in this place. actually havent been anywhere ha ha

  11. whoa!

    i've always always want to see hundred islands! sama ko next time anton!

    buti ka pa you've been to places i only see in school books...

    but i'll catch up...
    hopefully next year

    buzz me kung byahe uli kayo ^^

  12. gentle ---okay---Ilocano kapala. hmmmm. san kayo pumunta Bolinao?

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]--thanks

  13. Abou ---seriously? why not try this place? Is that you in the profile photo? I think it's BORA. ayt?

    alex ---I appreciate it. I know u are supposed to be resting ayt?

    cge ---sama ka next time.

  14. Bomzz! ---bakit ngapala di ako makapagkumento sa latest post mo?

  15. sa mga cave-cavean dun. tapos dun sa treasures of bolinao. tapos meron pa kaming pinuntahang waterfalls. di ko na tanda ang name e

  16. hahaha! sabi ni bena sabi mo daw para akong kabuti..coz i'm all over the place! hahaha!

    pano ko nagagawa ko nagagawa? ahaha! i just love reading and commenting...hehe!yun lang..hahaha!

    peace out!

  17. aww. parang kelangan kong bumalik ng hundred islands. elementary pa lang ako nung nakapunta jn eh. kumusta naman. hehehe

  18. gentle ---baka sa TARA falls yung isa---yung isa sa patar----ayt?

    RON___mabilis ka kasi magbasa ta mag-type---ako super bagal lao sa pagbabasa so inaabot ako ng years lagi s blog u bago ko matapos.keke

  19. .::. Vanny .:---I think the place got a bit better. me information desk na sa LUCAP (mainland) and things like that....me entrance fee na rin. pero at least you get to own a brochure.keke

  20. Masaya sa hundred islands. Baguhan pa lamang ako sa trabaho nang mag-shoot ako diyan ng dalawang araw...hala nilibot talaga namin ang mga isla. Naglinis pa kami ng beach kasama pa ang makulit na artista. alam mo kung sino? si IC Mendoza haha ansaya talaga!

    nakakamiss tuloy. Ganda ng pics mo. sa susunod sama naman ako joke hahaha

  21. bakit gala ka ng gala? wala ka na bang work? hehe

    inggetera ako!


  22. onatdonuts---saya naman nun? overnight kayo don? never tried that. gusto ko rin over night sa isang isla.....

    Chyng---wl lang. kailangan kasing gumala este umuwi pala kasi bday ng pamangkin....

    ,,,I still work. wl akong panggala kung di ako kakayod. I still wok at home.


  24. astig ah! travel blog na nga itong blog mo. always looking forward to see those places. i was there two or three years ago.

    ill wait for the changes. i wonder what those changes are.

  25. you have sooooooooo many comments, man. I am not sore whether mine is important to you or not. but I REALLY REALLY LIKE the pictures. I'll bring my colleagues to phil soon. Insyaa allah

  26. Chyng---di po. pare-parehong camera po gamit. bakit?

    the donG --- I will take note of the changes in my next post. Ayoko consider naman na travel blog na tong sakin e kung anu lang naisipan ko post yun na. wl akong identity, coz I wanna have my take on everything that cathes my imagination...........

  27. Akhyari --really? that's a very surprising news.....like how many of your colleagues? I appreciate your posts, that's for sure.....

  28. Spusa nailagay ko na pala ang koments bar.nang karoon ako ng short term memory loss nakalimutan kong pindutin hahahhaha salamat uli

  29. been to hundred islands twice.

    the place is really a must see.

    gotta love the philippines

  30. Bomzz!--okay yang kuya boomz--para makakomento nako.

    hector_olympus---glad to know that. really a must see place.

  31. Di pa ako nakapunta d2... saaaad....

  32. KRIS JASPER--okay lang yun. dipa naman kami rin nakapunta dyan sa inyo e---quits lang.hehe

  33. ay, malamang nga, sa tara siguro yun.

  34. gentle--nadadaanan ko yung area actually but I have never been there.....


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