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QUEZON Island......


As I have repeatedly said,
I am not a fan of this Island.
But no doubt, it was the
most visited place in the'

Can't blame people.
It's user friendly.
Especially now that there are
some stores there.
Don't be surprised though
if a small of C2 would cost 30pesos
and a large LALA (chips)
for 50 pesos
Just think that you're trapped
and left with no food,
you will not feel that its
outrageously expensive.....


then again, what I love about this place is the view that you get when you climb it's peak.........

these, facing the south part.....

that's mainland PANGASINAN there and the tip of the Zambales Mountains.
and the SUAL coal power plant which is the largest coal fired power plant in the country.....

And in the western side....lavit.

This is what I wanted to see here....the bridge connecting Quezon to the nearby Island. Saw it in the web once. Well, it was not there 3 years ago.....

Finally saw it!!!!

....and since as I said the island is too crowded for stressed people like us. we prefered a more private Island where there's nothing but us and security that we have a boat and a bangkero waiting for us on the side.......

what do you think of this....does it look fine?


  1. Hoyeah!!'s so lovely!!

    I should travel after I'm finish my study!

  2. wwwwwoooooooowwww! those are awesome shots, man! golly parang gusto kong lumipad papunta dyan... hays...

    napakamahal naman nun! haha! pero ganun talaga...pag scarce, mas mahal..hehe!

    peace out! have a nice weeknend!

  3. Zara--yes, you are always the early bird here. appreciate it. Really hope you can visit the Philippines soon.

    Ronyun nga e.usually reklamo ng mga tourists sa PINAS is that they can have more value for their money. Dipa kasi masyado develop ang tourism infrastructure natin....

    have a nice weekend too mate....

  4. Ohh yeah, the island looks pretty good, but is it too populated in terms of touristas@?!?

  5. Oh btw.. out of the blue, kadiri nung word verf ko, "versa".. haha, green stuff, haha xD

  6. dazedblu* ---during this time of the year matumal mga tourists so it's better. wag lang bumagyo.....

  7. super ganda siguro ng hundred isalnds no kapag malapitan. napakaswerte mo naman nobody.

  8. wow----excellent shots! I was breathless while looking at those pictures--how much more when u witness it in person---

    Great Blog---it's like ur one of the representative from the Department of Tourism sa Pinas--Sana gagawin ka nilang isang representante para sa turismo! Ang galing mong mag organize ng mga photo---Saludo ako!

    Take care!

  9. Serene and calm... If only these are tablets, I'd swallow them.


    Di pa ko nakapag-haircut Sir, those were old photos.


  10. ayan,mys lyke meeh have said it too, you're like an ambassador to our Tourism Dept..pang brochure ang dating ah,galing!keep it up friend!

    Wow Philippines talaga!!

  11. REDLAN ---hmmm. dapat me bangkero kayo who could take you anywhere at your fancy.that way, maeenjoy u ang adventure....

    Chyng ----lam mo gusto kong ountahan yun. para tong chocolate hills na nilubog sa tubig at me mga white sands.....

  12. Mys Lyke Meeh--thanks---actually, most of my friends thought so too. To be honest, I have faith in the beauty of the Philippines and I love the idea na kahit papanu nakakatulong tayo sa paglago ng turismo......haha

    KRIS JASPER --napakatalinghanga mo talaga kris. ---ok, kala ko new pics. thanks

  13. Borneo Falcon--andyou can own it. for a few hours if you want. hehe

    aquamarine ---I would love to be one. haha. sabi nga rin ni Alex e. keke

  14. i would suggest that u should change ur blog's name to "traveling cat". joke. pasyal ka kasi ng pasyal parekoy...

    i love the place! makakapunta rin ako dito balang araw. hehe...

  15. Ohh i see, shawks. i lurve yer new blogger profile pic, so kawaii xD

  16. They are lovely! I've never been there and I have to admit, I haven't seen much of Philippines.

  17. diyan! diyan nga! hehe diyan sa islang yan kami nagshoot nang bihisan namin si IC mendoza na parang serena hahaha para yun sa segment ko sa AT YOUR SERVICE STAR POWER. haha ang programang naghahatid ng serbisyong sikat. haha

  18. I am Bong---honestly, that's a brilliant idea. hmmm---I might consider that in the future.hehe

    for now, I still want to be the salingPUSA of anything that interests me.haha

    dazedblu*---ley, thanks. Kawaii means cute ayt?

  19. Nina---I guess its time to travel. ika nga nila, wag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan. tara na byahe tayo---D.O.T

    onatdonuts==--katuwa naman at yung pa talaga ang isla.hmmmmm...mukhang namis ko yun a.

  20. naku... another place that i am ashamed to say na di ko napuntahan... you are giving me a long list of new places to go to back home anton!

  21. sands of hundred island beaches are also fine and powdery. makinf it one of my favorite destination. what's sad is it does not really have good sites for snorkeling because of the many sea grass that grows on its sea bed.

  22. the spool artist ---at least, you now have a lot of reasons to go back home. sabi ko nga dati. don't go too far. we still need you around kuya LOVEN....

    the donG ---uo, pamatay talaga yang sea grass na yan. pati samin sa Anda.

    Sabi nila maganda sa coral Island, diko pa natry e......

  23. I have been there once with my ex-bf..hehehe...

    Beautiful Island :-)

    Paradise I must say!


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