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the land of salt.....


Erected by the government for administration of civil state promoting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness....

---those were the exact
words engraved in front of the
Provincial capitol Building
of PANGASINAN, the land of salt.


Building: Provincial Capitol
Location: Lingayen Pangasinan


............... I heard that the Governor has initiated a rehabilitation and beautification of the the capitol building and the surrounding areas so I thought of seeing it myself. Josh went with me to Anda so I decided a little tour and a few history lectures would help him appreciate my province in as much as I appreciate his--Zambales.

Looks like it's true.
And they are painting
the town


The last I was here was 2 years ago. When I was in college, I remember visiting Lingayen often because the main Campus of the PANGASINAN STATE UNIVERSITY system is in Lingayen. I could recall the vast open space in front of it where students of surrounding area would sit and just pass time under the shades of tall trees. Sometimes in groups, sometimes in pair, the area is never out of people especially in the afternoon. I remember sitting in the grasses with my friends......

It ;ooks a lot different now. The tall trees are gone, or say they trimmed it. Maybe just to save them from strong typhoons during this time of the year. It's okay.

Then they came up with this very interesting idea, a pathway in the center leading to the front steps of the capitol. Lavit. Lavit. Very Majestic......


Agbayani is a political clan
in the Philippines and they are still well loved by the people.
There are a lot of reasons of proofs why I guess...............
Of course, my photo-loving friend took advantage of it.

Just wanna leave you with a quick trivia before I end this post.
----came from the local term pang-ASINAN or panga-sinan which
means a place where SALT is made and is therefore bounty.

It is until this day,
along with bagoong and Bangus,
one of the main products
of the province.


...and when I said they are trying to paint the town yellow? Even the private sector
seem to be very cooperative.

Everything is just bright, and so I'm sure is the future of this GREAT Province.


  1. sosyalin ang capitol nyo ah...

    ang ganda...

    hindi pa ako nakapunta dun noh?

    korek ka jan...

    mukhang yellow ang favorite color nyo...


    in fairness... maganda sa pangasinan...

    province ko na yun dahil sa inyo...


    tnx poh...

  2. Hallew, droppin' by xD.

    Thought it wuz a nice place, and its nice :)

  3. hanep na pala munisipyo dyan ah...asteg!

    musta na mate? :)

  4. Hello!

    The buildings looked awesome!

    Like it so much!!

  5. marvz---kaw naman kasi. told you to come with us kaso super busy ka naman o nagbubusy-busyhan.haha

    dazedblu---I didn't appreciate it before. But I do so now....

  6. RONeiluke, RN ---okay lang RON.
    that's the provincial Capitol. di munisipyo. sosyalan kung munisipyo sa probinsya ganya.keke

    BTW....what did you do with your hair?

    Zara--it's influenced by American architecture actually. Appreciate it more now.

  7. Very nice---

    I think because of the photo!--


  8. anlaki ng budget inferness!

    nice photography, very inviting!

  9. uy! reading this feature makes me real proud na taga pangasinan ako! :) been to the kapitol bilding na din. da best ang public beach sa likod. miss ko na nga eh! tenx for writing bout it, SP!

  10. impernes maganda!! hahaha.. pang sosyalin!! astigin! ma ok na rin na may kinahantungan ang beautification project na yan kesa naman sa papers lang nakit di ba kasi kinarakot..

  11. Mys Lyke Meeh---marami pong salamat sa positive comment.

    Chyng --- di naman po. dumaan na kami kasi malapit na. unting out of way lang.

  12. gentle ---hmmm, finally. A blogger from Pangasinan. Where do you stay now? Hope to see you around more often.

    Fjordan Allego--tama ka dyan. Me results. We should really be more result oriented.....

  13. mahilig ka din magpityur-pityur ng mga lugar... :)

  14. Colorful naman ng mga buildings dyan. Parang naiisip ko tuloy ang lego, hehehe.

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  15. what else will show next time..uwing-uwi na ako promise dahil sa mga nakikita ko..i miss the hometown,my family the most!!!
    thanks for posting nice views of our country,at least nababawasan depression naming mga andito sa malayo.and forgetting the worst political and financial status there.

  16. JoShMaRie ---kasi madami-dami narin mga napuntahan namin kaso dati walang pambili ng digital camera----yung de-ikot lang at film pa so halos walang documentation. Now, I just wanna document each since nag-bo-blog narinlng.

    Ar-wee-der-yet---we are strangers to very bright colors. e sa ibang bansa naman diba pakulayan. The provincial capitol area took the risk....and it's cool.


    ngapala. thanks sa info. dalaw ako lagi to check on the latest promos sa blog u.very informative kasi .keke

  17. aquamarine ----kelan ba talaga uwi u ha at ng makapagpabili ako ng isang coke in can at isang coke light in can su----keke

  18. Very yellow!

    Im sure napaka bright ng mga taga jan!

    Sana may sunflowers sa park...

    Dyan din ba galing si Cory?

  19. kris----nope, Cory was from nearby Tarlac. ramos kami---naglecture no? keke.

    With the hard life, I think the best way is to have a more positive disposition in life....

  20. i've never been to lingayen. i like the huge ground area. didnt know there are beautiful places like that in that area.

    literally painting the town yellow! hahahaha

  21. the donG ---really? that's surprising. Looks like Lingayen is not attracting a lot of tourists like you DONG. You have to drop by one time and see the yellow things yourself.

  22. From 6am-11pm lang ang Ace. Bawal naka-brief, ano kba? haha

    Best time pumunta is morning, and weekdays...

  23. wow, that yellow is very french indochina... parang colonial vietnam, cambodia and laos! what ilove about it though is the expansive park! medyo sagana kayo sa lupa dyan ha!

  24. Chyng---salamt sayo---you opened tyhe door for us.

    the spoolartist---di sila galit sa lupa kuya Lovem.keke

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