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a taste of Batanes in CAPONES......


If there are places the I dream of going they would definitely be SAGADA/Banaue and BATANES. I will not expound on Santorini Greece anymore coz I know that it's too surreal.............

I just love the
idea of being in a
place where all you
think of is yourself.

I often see Batanes in blogs
and I would kill to see it's
hills and blue seas.
Our trip to CAPONES gave
me a hint of how it feels like.

In the Northwest side of the island is a lighthouse which is a must-see
if you visit CAPONES.........


there it is................

The coast is rocky so we need to go down and walk through rocks and water as deep as the waistline.Have to be careful here because the rocks might not be sharp but a bit slippery. Better leave the cellphones on the boat. Our boat is small so it's easier to go closer to the coast despite the strong waves.

One's onshore, climbing will be a lot easier because there is an old stairway.

Once on top, the view is just great.It gave me a taste of different places.....


The green grasses
of Anda Pangasinan.


The historic lighthouse
of Ilocos....


The majestic cliffs
of BATANES.......

and the peaceful blue seas

I am sure the view would have been equally beautiful from the lighthouse but we decided not to push further. Our boatman failed to bring any anchor so he had to hold the boat so as not to be carried by the battering waves. We felt that it would be too much to enjoy while he was in the water waiting for us. Maybe next time.

The memories of CAPONES will last for eternity. I will definitely be back.


  1. yihaa! nakaakyat pala talaga kayo. at nakita nyo ang lighthouse. hindi kasi namin napuntahan yan dahil maalon dyan sa side nung time na yon.

    ayos ng unang picture.


  2. i saw this post and your post before this and my mouth just dropped! such a spectacular place!

    and it's such a shame i haven't discovered this place yet for the longest time i've been living in luzon!

    glad you're feeling better, anton!

  3. hey!

    so much more pictures to showcase!

    ganda ng Pinas! na-aapreciate ko tlga!

  4. owh!!


    it have such a beautiful views and the blue sea!!


    I want to go!

  5. Is the lighthouse still functional? Can public enter it?

  6. buti ka pa nakita mo yung lighthouse. kami ni dong di namin nakita yan kasi masama na panahon nun. next time babalikan ko yan pati yung anawangin cove.

  7. I missed a lot when I was just a young professional, fresh out of college and roaming many parts of the Philippines. I took everything I saw and experienced for granted -I thought it was the way things were supposed to be.

    I have seen many parts of the world now and I have a better appreciate of what our country has to offer. The Philippines is uniquely a beautiful place and its people, outside of the tourist infested places, are the most accomodating and friendliest in the world.

  8. wow! parang gusto ko na rin dun...:)

  9. Dong---di nga namin pinuntahan na yung mismong lighthouse...almost. Basta kami sugod lang, buti nalang pala kalmado yung side na yun that time.

    the spool artist--kuya Loven. Thanks. There's more to discover here I guess...

  10. CHyng---kaya bago pumunta ng ibang bansa uli libot muna kayo dito Pinas ha.keke

  11. Zara---what are you waiting for. you are always welcome here.keke

    Falcon---the lighthouse is no longer working as I heard but people can go there. We just decided not to go in consideration of our guide.

  12. Parang nakakawala ng stress ang view!

  13. wow! ayos ah.. mukhang nonstop ang adventure mo!! grabe!! HAHAHA

  14. Ar-wee-der-yet --nakakawala talaga ng stress kamo.

    Fjordan Allego---lam mo actually di planado most of the time. cge lang kami ng cge....

  15. Lawstude ---wag kasing sususgod ng Capones pag signal number 1 na ang bagyo-keke

    Bernt---I cant agree more. glad u still appreciate the Philippines.

  16. danda poh ng mga pics! hehe. grabe. =]

  17. jOSHmarie--punta kana na.keke

    mary narvasa---thanks a lot.

  18. sama mo naman ako pagbalik. i wish to be in that kind of place, too:) home by dec and jan.

    breathtaking place indeed...more of this dear rgds.

  19. whatta a nice view. nakakacool sa mata. ganda talaga ng capones.

  20. Beautiful shots. Swerte nyo kasi maganda ang weather.

    At cool yung shorts mo... PArang meron din ako nyan?! lol.

  21. brilliant shots!

    see looks endless when you're in peaceful. the serene waters of santorini somehow looks very rejuvenating...

    gusto ko ring makapunta dyan. hays... and think.

    ps. i love lighthouses :) metaphorically and physically speaking.

    watchmen? it adapted from a book too? andgels and demons is favorite from dan brown. least fave ko yung deception. i agree. advantage yun pag hindi mo pa nabasa. hehe! but try to read it. ample of cool stuff in it.
    i miss that version of the x-men. power rangers naman ang sobrang anticipated ko dati
    i agree. they're really sweet and kind people. there was this book 'the book of mormon' i asked them about it but they refused to give more datails. they wanted to spea k to our parents first... hmmm...
    but i was intrigued.

  22. AJ ---kaw pala. anu yung sa January, bakasyun? ganu kaba katagal dito? or maybe you are staying for good?

    REDLAN---indeed. nakapunta kanaba don?

  23. Kris---mukhang marami us pareho stuffs.keke.

    tama. nagkataon na di maalon o maulan nung naisipan naming pumunta don.

    RON---di u paba narinig watchmen? Astig yun. can't wait.

    about Santorini. pangarap nalang siguro talaga yun.hehe

  24. it is really captivating--very nice!, Glad to know that it's found --ONLI-in-the Philippines---

    really really proud of my Homeland!---

    Very excellent blog!

  25. iniinggit mo na naman ako. I pestered my brother about going to Banaue or Batanes during the halloween but he didn't let me. sumpain. haha.

  26. Mys Lyke Meeh ---we really have a lot of things to be proud of in this country.

    Allen Yuarata ---if it can't work with your brother, what about your friends? maybe they would be a lot easier to convince. bakit nga pala ayaw nya?

  27. wow great place...hope i could visit

  28. been there twice already, second time i got to go up the lighthouse. ai also want to visit batanes and return to banaue/sagada

  29. sana nakasama ako sa inyo... Hehe :) Kakainggit... Sama naman ako... :)

  30. what a BIG W-O-W!!! ganda talaga ng pinas! i love the shots sir! :D

  31. EXTRAORDINARY --wag maging dayunahan sa sariling bayan ika nga.keke

    tutubi --you are soooo lucky to have been to those places.

  32. Richard---diba busy?kekke. welcome back Richard.

    dylan-- what are you waiting for?sakay na? byahe napala. haha

  33. di kayo pumunta sa lighthouse???

    sama ko pabalik!


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